Anyone selected in Interview Bit Academy Batch 3

hi anyone is selected in the Interview Bit Academy Entrance exam for batch 3…


Did you get selected ???Because on their website it shows nothing whether you are selected or not…

Nope I’m not selected that’s why I want to know if anyone here who got selected…

I solved 4/5 problems fully…but till then I’m not selected…:disappointed:

Can you tell me more about this, Haven’t heard of this program. What’s it about?

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But how you get to know about this you are not selected through mail or on their website??

in the website there is a pop up in which it is written that “we are unable to accomodate you in batch 3”

Interview Bit is hosting an entrance exam for students who want to be placed in some product base companies…If you clear its entrance exam than they train you for next 6 months that how you can be able to crack big interviews…They also refer you for the direct interview in some big gaints


I solved 3 and 2 partially but still there is no pop up type thing appear in my feed I think there are people who solve 5 questions fully on the basis of this they filtered out …But I really didnt get this if they actually wanted to select the (Pro) then they should mention this .I know that I am Not so called good in coding but still…:(((It hurts in my a**:frowning:


bro I’m also not able to understand why I was rejected …I feel so much demotivated…I fully solved 4/5 problem till then I face this thing…

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they just don’t tell me any reason for rejecting me…I’m surprised to see that popup in my profile

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Thats really not cool …But It hurts brother I feel you right now. When you know that you get fucked up and you think there is a hope but then suddenly it shatterd like (Pakistan Team wickets)…:(:pensive::pensive:


maybe enough people have solved 5/5 and they’ve been got selected .

I dont see any pop up in their website. Any idea where else to know from whether I am selected or not ?

open the website in the desktop
then click on interview bit Academy…there you can see a pop in pint window…

Don’t worry that much. If you have done good projects, I assume those are mentioned on your resume’. Start applying in all good companies you know like Cisco,Amazon,etc. at their career sites(you may or may not attend their coding competitions). According to my calculations, you will be easily noticed by at-least 1 company :slight_smile: And make sure you mention your best cp-achievements o your resume’ like top-30 global ranking in Hackerearth circuits and etc…


Hi @samarthtandon! I would like to say that you should not worry about it. You seem a hard-working guy. You would make it to really good company. I think interviewbit selected people based on both their profile on interviewbit and test performance. I would suggest you to add your resume, your codechef, codeforces handles to interviewbit. You would stand a better chance this way. If profile is damn good, they directly mail you to get into the batch. (At least I got a mail, but i did not join it). Also I think, they may be taking people from top tier colleges. Because solving 4/5 problems and not accomodating in the batch seems fishy.
Best of luck for your future! Placements are about to start. Prepare well!


Yup, he works very hard :-))


How many questions you solve out of 5??

thanks for the support but I was selected…it was an techbical glich that day…they call me yesterday to comform that I was selected…


There were people in the webinar who said they solve 3.5 Questions. So, anyone above that must also been selected.

P.S - I solved 5/5 questions hence got a call yesterday.

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