Apologizing codechef

Hello fellow coders,
First of all sorry for using this dummy account. I don’t want to reveal my identity so.
I have been practising codechef from nearly 1.5 years now and 4 star right now and near to expert at codeforces. But at some point I made a mistake. In my first year when I just started coding, I was not much aware of this plagiarism stuff. So being unaware, I gave the first code of Long Challenge to my room-mate. That time, I was just 1 star.And after a few days, we both received the mails that our submission was disqualified and the rating will be dropped. And I was okay with it since I had done mistake and must be punished.
I waited for 2-3 months, but no rating change was done. So, as a result I continued with this account and its been 1-1.5 years now. But now, after nearly yearly 1 year, Codechef is planning to disqualify the submission and ratings and that’s good. We must be punished. You can call me cheater, as I had gave code ,but the main problem is, my placements are coming now and everywhere I applied, I had provided this username. I swear, I never ever gave code to someone after that incident. If suddenly the drops are done, I may face severe problem during placements and now creating a new account and doing is not an option as I have almost 500 problems solved in my main account.
Is there any way out. I seriously need some help as I am very anxious about this.


Stop being so stupid. No company is going to take you based on your codechef/codeforces profile. If you’re doing cp only for getting placed, I 'd suggest you to stop doing it. The company gives chances to those who have skills not on basis of their Codechef profiles.


I am enough confident about my problem solving skills and that’s not a problem for me. But I am from Tier 3. Referrals work here. If I provide a profile with dropped ratings because of my own mistake, its a 90% chance, that the person will not give me referral.


If your rating is dropped then you can again increase your rating in one or two contest if you have skills


Yes. I can regain to again 4 stars in maximum 3 cookoffs/lunchtimes. But that triangular line in graph looks bad just because of my silly mistake


Just own your mistakes, don’t repeat the same mistakes again, and move on.


Thank you everyone. I think I should start a new account again and that would be better. Maybe I will submit all the 500 solutions in my new account again. Does anyone have some python script to do it faster?


Eventually you are going to do another mistake.


Why so? Can you explain. I have learnt from this mistake long back and would never do the samem But yes, I would surely regret for all the contest and the graph I had put for being a 4 star

its better you mail to codechef


you can start a new account and make the graph exponential.all the best


Why does everyone want to do cp to get placed? I also started for that reason but now I find it very enjoyable and there is no feeling that matches the feeling when you get an AC.


Its not gonna help and even I should not question them as they are just following their protocols and they are doing what should be done.

Well, I too enjoy cp and am very regular at every contest. But I guess you know the condition of lower tier colleges. Every 5 stars being placed in TCS there as we have no connection. So Cp helps to build connection, which in another way provides us opportunities.

Either you are too stupid or too smart playing with us. I can guarantee that no company offer you job based on the codechef/codeforces profile and even you admit this that many 5 starts in tier-3 colleges get placed in TCS. To some extent these days ratings on codeforces matter a lot than codechef’s and you said you were about to become expert on CF, why don’t you use CF for the referral and stuff?

CP matters in jobs but I’ve never seen a person getting a job without giving interviews and solving problems in front of them. Profiles are just there to put on in resume, even if you look champion in that there’s no chance that they won’t test you and directly give you the job.


I am not fooling anyone bro. Just confessed what I did wrong. Totally agree with your points. Thank you


Can i ask why?

I agree with this!


Well because people think that if they have x rating then this company will give them job but this isn’t the case.

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I can understand your point.
If seriously Your Codechef Profile is giving you an edge for getting placed,So the Solution Would be to make a new profile and you can be a 4 star (as you said) in this month by participating in Long Challenge,Lunchtime, Cook off.

Don’t Worry, If you have real skills you have the strength to reach div1 really fast :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with you. Ratings Dont matter!

I took this statement the other way.
If your statement’s meaning is this:

“Well because people think that if they have x rating then this company will give them job but this isn’t the case.”

Then its perfectly fine!