Are the resources available on iarcs website enough for ico prep?

Are the video tutorials on that site good enough to learn the things required for ico? Would I need to use the recommended books too, out of them what are the best ones to go with? I read a bit about CLRS and it requires some calc and math, speaking of it what math would I need for it?

Hey last year I asked , ico director madhvan mukund about this, this was reply he gave to me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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well still are the videos a good place to start? and what math do I need and what books to go with?

same question. go thru the ufds website btw

i can tell you from where & what i have learnt .

you can learn c++ from code with harry c++ video 1 to 20 rest is oops part which is not needed.
and others are data structure and algo ,


In which class are you right now ??


where did u learn ds/algo from? im also interested in participating this year im in 12th grade. I know python and have been learning c++ for a few days

From YouTube , other websites and many others all of them were free.
And My neighbour bhaiya helped me for competative programming.

I have to learn tree, graph, range query in month of August.
And in September, October, November, December, January I will solve many questions .

My brother told me a wise trick if you just want to solve specific problem , so go in editorial page and select the tag of question you want by searching in that. Select any editorial of that tag click link according to division , I will recommend you start with div 3 then gradually go to div2 and then div 1 .Solve just 20- 25 ques of that specific topic of different difficulty.
And then solve past and future contest of unknown topics.


UFDS mentor program will start within week . Join it


yeah I will join it too. im done with cpp arithmetic/loops/arrays/vectors. Does the website I mentioned below have all the requirements needed for ZCO/INOI? Im just asking cuz u seem to be very knowledgeable regarding this. I looked through your resources and they r good but sadly I am not comfortable in Hindi hence am preferring this website. While doing this website ill start doing ZCO and ZIO mocks Thanks

Take topic name from there and learn through YouTube striver video .
I am posting photo releted to my syllabus , sorry for my handwriting.

And roadmap


thanks a lot mate!