Argument to "Coders don't have a life"

I’ve started competitive programming a few months back and some of my friends demotivate me by saying that coders don’t have a life at all, they just sit on their laptops all day long totally unaware of what’s happening around them oblivious to human emotions. Some further went on to say that coders cannot talk to a girl in real life, as they lack required confidence since they don’t have a life in general. This struck me very deep as there was some sense in what they say, however minuscule it might be!
What should be a proper argument to this debate which I can answer to them without feeling embarrassed?


It’s true for some people as they get deeply indulged in coding/development but there are people too who know how to manage life in general. The Reason for it as according to me is that the software/coding field is interesting for the ones who get highly involved in it. But in the end it’s you who should know how to manage things.if you have that management skill then you can take things parallel.

People in my college also call me programming nerd but that’s not the truth. It’s just that i find it more productive then gossiping and roaming here and there.


Arrey bhai tu chill reh, sabse zyaada maje bhi coders log hi karte hai.
And ladkiyaan bhi vhi pataate hain . Jo cp kar sakta hai, vo kuch bhi kar sakta hai :wink:

English Translation :- Coders have interesting life!



One word for you - IGNORE them and do what you like.

Negative people will always try to pull you down. :hearts:

This is absolute BS.


Bhai , sahi maine mai to coders ki hi life h. For all those guys in computer science field, coding is their only main weapon. That is, those who excel in it are the only ones who will have a great life 4-5 years after. Any doubt about that? Nope.

And secondly, about present life. We are just students, not like that protagonist of that movie ‘Robot’ who was so much into the work, making his creation “Chitthi”. What they said would be true for him.

But for we as students with proper time management, we can get the best of both worlds. People will be in awe, saying you enjoy so much, still your coding skills are like that of a “nerd”.

And moreover, that particular statement: “Coders don’t have a life”
, that’s not true, that totally depends on the person itself.
If a person himself is intrinsically boring, and then he does coding, he will make it look like the dullest thing.
But if a person is intrinsically cool and fun-loving, he will make it look like the coolest thing.


that’s bs. I can, most certainly many others can. This again is more person’s personality based and nothing to do with coding.


It’s totally irrelevant.
I know people who are way better than me at coding who have a girlfriend and are amazing at public speaking.
Focus on coding if that’s what you’re interested in.
Focus on talking / public speaking or increasing confidence if that’s what you want :slight_smile: .
In short , anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Let people talk whatever they want, as long as you’re happy doing what you want in life.
You’ve made it.


Correct bro …I totally agree on your point …bcz if u solve some amazing problems many girls talk to u , so don’t worry about girls, just do your work. @jaideep_manhas

PS : GF banana itna jaruri h Kya @anon55659401


I really can’t understand how can “these” type of friends exist. To be very honest, these are just fake friends. They will leave you / betray you at some point or the other. Real friends will be like whatever you are doing they support you, and vice versa. They will never demotivate you or say anything like this. If they can’t motivate you, they will not speak, but will NEVER demotivate you. I have a pretty same kind of experience. There were people(coz they are not my friends now) who used to demotivate me. I ignored them and didn’t talk to them. It worked, and I assure that this will work for you too.


If using a computer makes you less social, how is programming worse than playing video games (which is socially acceptable). What now, studying is bad too?

But yeah, less social people tend to spend more time in front of a computer, hence the stereotype.


Just keep doing Competitive Programming at least for four years. You will see the results during campus placements and after completing your graduation, when your friends who are demotivating you will be struggling for one job and you will be having multiple offers from various companies.
and start ignoring such people and their BS talks, just focus on your skills.
P.S. : I am in final year and I have been through it.


Kya translation kiya hai :joy::rofl:

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meri to hai … tu teri bta :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would say coders have a life, because coding is their life.

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@jaideep_manhas hey if they said that …its proud to be a programmer

Coders don’t have a life!? what?.. C’mon man, having a life is not about whether or not you sit in front of a laptop all day… living your life doing what you love and not giving a damn about who looks down at you as “uncool” is what it is about. If you love to code then i’d say you will be eligible for that ‘not having a life’ title if you let someone else’s opinion alter your choices in life. Also, coders are not anti-social for heavens’ sake!.. I mean dude these words of wisdom by your friend aren’t even worth a discussion, that sounds so judgmental and literally paying heed to that makes no sense either.


Coding and social life. Two topics that are different. Latter one is life problem you can solve it. And sitting Infront of computer is making sites like insta and FB work. Say to your friend that if there weren’t any coders, they won’t be having such social life. I think it’s good argument.


Coders DO HAVE A LIFE. For sure.
I have many examples where the most brilliant coders are the most outgoing and vibrant people as well. So social awkwardness has nothing to do with coding. Moreover if you are amazing at coding, anyway you’ll land into amazing places which will eventually make your life very happening.

If I say you you cannot jump from the plane with parachute. Will you go now to show me? No.

Apun banenge na engineer, kisi mahapurush ne kaha hai, CP seekho (kabil bano), kamyabi to ghakk marke peeche aayegi.:grin::joy:

Well, if you talk about girls, there are developer girls also, who are more intelligent than them.

They said you don’t have social life, what they want to do with you, play video games…Well in few years you might be writing those games.

Ignore kar!
Good luck!

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you’re posting here… you are tending to think about life… you solve problems… you have confidence to do anything… and don’t you like sticking to computer screen and do random things… it’s just perspective of life which you want and totally “it’s yours choice” :slight_smile: