Best IDE for Competetive Programming

Please suggest best sublime text 3 extensions for competitive programming.
Also which IDE is best for autocomplete feature for c,c++ and python.
Thanks in advance…:slightly_smiling_face:

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My one word advice - VSCode!


Since you asked for competitive programming i personally like Visual Studio Code with Git for Windows command line for Python (give it a try). For Python i would suggest Spyder is best IDE.


vscode ftw…

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Vscode is the best ide. Add ‘Easy Snippet Maker’ extension. Using this you can make shortcuts for commonly used code snippets.
For eg. if you want to add segment tree code … don’t search for it in your pc or repo …just make a shortcut. It will show up in auto-complete suggestions with your own pre-defined shorctcut prefix word.
Another extension is IORun. It automatically runs on all test cases that you have written. It is useful when you are debugging your code and want to run all test cases again and again, you don’t have to run your code seperately for each test case, it will show all results in terminal itself in single run


Personally I use Jupyter notebook / pycharm for python and clion for cpp. Will use intellij for java

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I use sublime text for most of the coding. For python IDE I use PyCharm and for Java I use Intellij IDEA. :slight_smile: