Best way to stop Plagiarism during a RATED ongoing contest

Hey guys,

Many of you have noticed that there was a lot of cheating during this December long challenge and in many other ongoing contests in codechef.

I got an idea about how to stop cheating in codechef discuss during an ongoing contest in codechef.

When there is a RATED ongoing contest in codechef, why not just stop codechef discuss which will stop cheaters from cheating ( at least in codechef discuss ) ? and then continue codechef discuss once the contest ends ?!

One problem is those who want to genuinely ask doubts about other problems in codechef discuss. They should ask their doubts after the contest ends !

What do you guys think?
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Long contests go on for 10 days. Codechef discuss cannot be kept off for such a long time. I believe plagiarism parameters should be made tougher. Moreover, its all about learning new things and applying them, so what’s the fun even if one gets rating points but they aren’t legit?


That means that discuss will be closed most of the time. Also there are other ways of discussing solutions. This can never work.


Only for rated contests !

What about other ways like Whatsapp, etc.


For long challenge it is good idea and also implement it only during long challenge🙂

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Cheaters are gonna cheat
But make sure they wont cheat in codechef discuss !!


It won’t stop people from plagiarizing.

They will just find other ways to plagiarize. It doesn’t have to be CodeChef discuss. You can literally find dozens of websites discussing about these problems. Most plagiarizms happen outside of CodeChef discuss.

Also, this means that the discuss will be switched of for 10 days a month. That’s 1/3 of a month. We just have to find a better way.

There’s a saying ‘The thief is cleverer than the cop’.

It’s true.


Make long challenge unrated .By seeing amount of cheating done in this long challenge I’m totally demotivated.Day before yesterday my rank was near 1800 but after end of contest it reaches to 3400 because of video tutorial present on youtube yesterday.
People like me who are pushing their rating will also demotivate and it is high chance that they also do cheating.
In between I’m not going to cheat😜 but many will do😔


Someone posted a video editorial in codechef discuss
If codechef discuss was stopped , then he couldnt have posted it on codechef discuss which would have make sure it wouldn’t reach many people :slight_smile:

No, it isn’t a good idea, because the other people who aren’t asking doubts about the contest will suffer and they won’t be able to ask their doubts regarding other different things which are allowed to ask anytime. That would create even more problems.

JUST 1/3rd of a month
Yes I know they will cheat in other platforms also
But codechef should make sure cheating doesnt happen in their own website

What do you think @crap_the_coder ?

Without rating, there’s no motivation for coders. Why would I invest 10 days into solving some problems for which I earn nothing?


Yeah this is totally true.

@sudheerays123. JUST 1/3 of a month? That’s 120 days in an year.


If they really want to ask some doubts other than the ongoing contest , they will wait for 10 days and then they will ask
In these 10 days atleast they will only think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Why are you only seeing they cant ask doubts for 120 days
They can ask doubts for the other 240 days !!

I myself got many direct message on Linkedin where people are asking code and hint to me.
Some of them said give me solution of this i will give you solution of other.

Everyone doesn’t have to participate in long challenge, even though the majority do. People might have to ask a question about an unmaintained problem. Every problem in the practice session is an unmaintained problem.

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Also, most people cheat through social medias like WhatsApp and Telegram. You can’t regulate things there. Unfortunately, we can’t ask Mark Zuckerberg to close WhatsApp for 10 days.