BNY Mellon Code Divas on HackerEarth

Bny mellon support or the hackerearth? I was thinking to wait it out till official shortlist announcement

Did you get the shortlist email? What was your score?

is there any ranklist kind of thing last year !! Just curious xD

there is a comment above regarding her score

Same happened with me.

Was there suppose to be any other parameter for selection apart from the score in the test? Like cpi or branch or anything else?

No cpi and branch are not the criteria

Those who have received mail for getting shortlisted, did you explicitly applied for BNY Mellon? Because after giving the test, I didn’t find any option to apply. Also ,I fulfill all the eligibility criteria and also got 262/400 i.e 65.5% ,yet is not shortlisted for the same.

same happened with me.

did you mailed hackerearth regarding this?

Same. I have 311/400. Still not shortlisted. It’s just hardluck in online stuff I feel. The questions weren’t even there on google I chdcked after the exam because I couldn’t run any code fully, had either TLE or WA in a few test cases of all 4 programs, so I doubt anybody would have plagiarized.

Did you get any kind of mail saying you are not shortlisted?

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Did you get a rejection email?

I dont think problems are brand new ,
First problem was adhoc string problem
Second problem was classical frogjump dp problem with a twist
Third one was new one and enjoyed/struggled to get AC at last.
Fourth one was classical digit DP problem .
I think there is a criteria that one should get perfect score in atleast 2 problems

I had a perfect score in 2 problems, 85 and 62 in the other two, I still didn’t get selected. Reason for rejection is mentioned as one among these:
Not Eligibility as per the criteria on the page.
Challenge scored below 55%
Involved in plagiarism.
Not applied for the Job
Those who are selected, did you explicitly applied for the job?

Yeah, there was a checkbox question when I was registering for the contest, asking if i was interested in job opportunities through this contest. I remember choosing “yes” for that.

yes they also mentioned that if you selected NO you wont be involved in further hiring process .

I also got a blank window but in between the test and my test ended. I also mailed them regarding the same, but they didn’t mention any reason. And, yes if @bansalpriyanka or @toomatho, you could send your solutions, it would be good. I was also not able to upsolve them.

Hey guys, how many of you are done with your first or second rounds of interviews? How did it go?

I completed my first round and they sent a mail that I cleared it. It went well. They are yet to schedule my second round.