BNY Mellon Code Divas on HackerEarth

oops, I just saw your last comment :stuck_out_tongue: where it was not mentioned about NCR or BNY. Peace


Hey are you on linkedin ? Or somewhere else where I can contact you…? @shrishtyguptaa

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Did anyone receive the shortlist mail? If yes, what was your score?

I think results are not declared yet.

Some candidates have received the shortlist mail

I got a mail
they provide session login details and also they asked to submit my resume

@yashitha20 How many questions did you do?

What was your score? When did you get the mail?

I Solved 3 questions completely and 1 partially my score 346/400
Today evening I got mail

i got 400/400 and got mail yesterday ! is there any ranklist available ?

Is there anyone who scored high and has still not got the mail…?

I scored 347/400 but haven’t received any mail yet.
Is there anyone else with a high score who hasn’t received mail yet???

Can you please share the screenshot of the mail you received.

I think the complete rank list will be updated in Hackerearth page by 1st week of Nov. All mails have not sent yet.

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Maybe. Btw what was your score?

They never send mails for rejection. Last year as well, they just put up the list of shortlisted people on hackerearth. This year, that too hasn’t been done.

I got 336 and still no shortlist email, my friend got less marks than me and she got one

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That’s weird, you should email the support centre! @bansal