BYTR20B- AGCY help

My solution: Error Page | CodeChef
Problem:- Contest Page | CodeChef

My solution gives TLE, can someone provide an efficient approach for this problem. It will be a great help!

what is diff. in these 2 codes for bytrace prob CYBV
one is giving WA and secondis AC

if both same then why WA

How do I report plagiarism in this contest. there a few submissions with the same code. These people have used the same code in the December lunch-Time as well.
the submissions are :
solution 1
solution 2
solution 3
solution 4
solution 5
solution 6

UPD: Have added links to the solutions

i also got tle

can u please answer my query

x=1 not x=0

and one more thing put bracket when u r writing more than one statement

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
#define ll long long int
const ll mod = 1000000007;
int main() {
ll t;
while (t–)
{ ll n,k,x=0;
if (n>k)
return 0;

I was randomly checking AC slutions to problem 4 after the contest, and first two I opened had the “exact” same code. Just comments were removed in one.
Submission 1
Submission 2

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then what about this

Because in first code: x=0 will be printed if n=k, but the correct answer should be 1

no i am asking about
and correct one

what is the diff. between these two
one WA and one AC