Can codechef have a feedback thing for moderators/admins?

I really feel that codechef needs to have a feature where we can vote/rate the moderators.

While i believe there are many nice and skilled codechef mods like @carre @ssjgz and some more.

But in recent months, the @admin (or the guy behind it) is really pissing most of us off, first of all he’s behind a mask so we don’t actually know who he is, but he/she is short tempered, childish, very unprofessional and immature

Here are some comments

He acts as if he owns the codechef, deletes any posts, user account and anything that go against his/her will

He/she is very unprofessional, rude and actually proud of his position.

So, I request any one in high authorities of codechef to at least accept public feedback on people who you appoint as mods.

Personally, I don’t want this admin

@anup tagging you, because this platform means a lot to you and us.


Yes admin is very unprofessional , rude and having Narcissistic Personality Disorder


I did react unnecessarily in that thread, and apologize for it.
And yes, please feel free to use this thread for feedback.

Posts are almost never deleted unless they are non-trivially abusive/spammy. Though they might be automatically temporarily hidden because of community flags. Off-topic posts might get unlisted, if deemed unnecessary in the forum. Same goes for user accounts - they are almost never deleted. Even user suspension is a rare resort, except when it is clear that the account is a new duplicate account.

And no thread is deleted/closed just because it criticizes CC. In fact, our moderators are instructed to reject all community flags on such threads.
Request you to share any instance where any of this wasn’t followed.


I am voting for the admin change.

current admin gives out negative energy .

I don’t appreciate the way he shows off his power.

That’s my opinion. Please admin don’t reply to my comment or flag it, this is a feedback, take this with a pinch of salt. You are not a likable person these days


You are the Ambani. Why do you need to vote?

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Let me apologize for my late reply.

As you see, the admin has already apologized for some comments that he made. The original post on which the entire conversation happened was distasteful and that triggered the reaction from the admin. However, the comments made were an error in the judgement on the part of the admin and I acknowledge that it should not have happened and I too apologize for the same. But, some accusations made in this post are inaccurate and unnecessary. The admin has taken great pains and put in a lot of hard work to grow and build the community that we have today. I can personally vouch for this.

I can assure you and the community that we, as CodeChef, never ever delete any post or flag any post or suspend any user for any criticism showered at us. In case, if you find any such incident happening, you can write in to me personally at I will be happy to correct that. I reiterate that we reject all community flags on any thread that criticize us. We understand and realize that we are not beyond criticism, and we strive to work on it.