Certification Foundation Exam

I recently gave the CCDSAP Foundation exam and couldn’t even solve a problem. 15/700
What should I do to improve my performance and be successful.

PS I have been practicing CP for last 2 months.


@sapo96 You need to do much more . CCDSAP is a bit tough to crack if you start at the moment and btw it involves more datastructures and algorithmic problems . So , if you practice adhoc or simple implementation problems , it is not going to help. Practice every standard problems on every datastructure and algorithm , then you will understand the real crux behind the concepts and you will be fine :slight_smile:


Yeah maybe all I am doing is doing the same type of problems over and over again. With right practice is it possible to crack the exam? Say for 6+ months?
Can you guide me as to how to be better at the competitive programming.

As of now I am solving the easy problems sorted by descending order of submissions.

How maby u did… Foundation or advanced…do not discuss any questions or anything just marks…

Solving problems from practice section is not enough, start participating in long challenge and try to push yourself to solve more problems every time.
and learn about the new concepts from editorials and books (CP3 is quite good, having a lot of material)


I also gave the foundation exam today.I found it quite easy…if you have been practicing maps , lists and some basic data structures…then it would have been easy for you also.
Might be there is something that you are missing while practicing.

@ssrivastava990 baba isbar ccdsap m fad diye h …congrats bro

I did 4 out of 5 questions . 5th question i solved it partially but not an entire subtask .

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Can anyone share the link of the foundation test or the name of the questions asked …?

  1. Pick a language (C++ / Python / Java)

  2. Start doing adhoc problems for 2 - 3 months . This will make you think like a programmer and you will be able to understand how to approach a problem . Practice Hackerrank implementation questions in this phase .

  3. Start practicing datastructures and its standard problems from geeks for geeks.

  4. Start practicing algorithms and its standard problems from geeks for geeks .

  5. During phase -3 and phase -4 , if you want to give contests , then participate in them but don’t expect an improvement at the moment .

  6. Try to understand the crux of every DS & Algo .

  7. Then start participating in the contests and learn the new concepts parallelly .



Programming Tutorials, Coding Problems and Practice Questions

GeeksforGeeks | A computer science portal for geeks

Techie Delight

Main Page - Competitive Programming Algorithms







We are not allowed to discuss the questions :slight_smile:

I solved all 5 of 5 :stuck_out_tongue: last one (HACKME) was a dp question. I used a similar approach as CIRMERGE from July Long
If anyone wants, i can recreate and explain my solution :slightly_smiling_face:
Is there a way that i can see my submission?


Very good bro…I want to talk to u…dm on FB plz

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No there is no way to see your solution

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You gave too? Foundation?
Btw what’s your fb?

That’s great !! . Btw i gave my CCDSAP exam in March :slight_smile:

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Advanced level was pretty fn tough. 1.5/5

I crie


what we are allowed to discuss then …each others marks …?


It wasn’t Internet bro :rofl:. It was codechef being codechef

P.s - I :heart: Codechef


I would give Advance in November perhaps. I just want to pass🤣

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