Change Your CodeChef Username

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! You can now change your CodeChef username!

We know how important a username can be for your online identity and we’ve listened to your feedback.

To change your username, simply head over to edit profile from the top right section and select “Change Username” tab.

Please note:

  • That you can change your username only once!!
  • You will not be able to use your old username, also it will be made available for next person, once you change your username.

Happy coding, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance!


can we change our username to a deleted account?

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What special permissions could the following error message refer to?

User with special permissions are not allowed to change their username


Hi @nskybytskyi

You had “Problem Creation” permission on CodeChef.

I am removing that permission from your account, then you will be able to change your username.

Also, If you want to contribute problems, later in the future, we will give you the permission again.

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What about the certificates we received for old username,are they valid?will the username change in the certificates which we received before changing username?

Hi @saisree9354

Your certificates will still be valid.

do codechef provide certificates for free or just to pro memebers only

C’mon, you guys could have implemented this feature in a much better way rather than trying to fetch brownie points with a half-baked feature.

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@young_zeal_51 You need to complete the course to get the certificate. Some of the courses are free, but others require pro subscription.

@aryanc403, We have added one time change restriction to prevent abuse. However, the feature is complete, and was not designed with these constraints.

There’s a high chance that this feature will be misused - one can impersonate anyone who changed his/her username. SE Indexing is gonna take a lot of time after the change, which is another issue.

Also, the restriction on the length of the username is too strict. I want to have sai_suman_chitturi (18 chars long). Or saisumanchitturi (16 chars long). But 14 is the maximum allowed.