Cheating In off Campus Hiring

Many of you are aware about cheating in various telegram groups. This post is not to discuss that it is happening or not rather I want you all to suggest what we should do to stop this from happening.What I suggest is that we should demand a ban on telegram.
What are your views?
To me tiktok was way better than telegram at least it was only causing harm to the user using it not others.


There are some moderators nowadays on telegram as far as I know. As I heard, 2-3 groups of Codevita discussion have been banned yesterday. But you cannot stop them fully as telegram also allows private groups. It should be their own conscience to not do such

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Banning Telegram is not the solution. Telegram is more than what it is being used by the college students. Taking steps to stop plagiarism in codes is the only current option in my view for this.
If it is not telegram, it will be whatsapp, or any other online chatting platform and what not. There will always be methods to cheat. What we must focus upon is how to detect it and take harsh steps so it acts as a lesson for the rest.


Banning telegram will stop the these activities for many years. It is because of telegram cheating becomes mass cheating.

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If you ban telegram, people would find any other medium to cheat and be assured that such people will not be able to clear the interviews.
It’s funny but all our company groups were also on telegram. :sweat_smile:


Thats true these activities can’t be stopped but may be we can reduce them.

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If you don’t know then CF is sponsored by Telegram


I can understand the frustration buddy, but don’t blame Telegram for cheating. Blame cheaters for cheating and in any case they wont crack the final interview.


Lol bro telegram is life … Imagine the life of Netflix and Amazon prime lovers if the ban happens :sweat_smile:


Bro, there’s a gap of 20-30 days between the Codevita exam and their interview. That’s enough time to research and learn everything possible regarding the solution one copied. And we all know how hard TCS interviews are(unless you’re extremely unlucky and get a bad panel). If it was any tier 1 company like Google, Facebook or even tier 2 ones like Cisco, etc… I could’ve agreed with you. But in case of mass-recruiters, telling that they won’t crack the final interview anyway is like fooling yourself and becoming overly optimistic.

If they are not good enough for TCS, TCS will change their recruitment policies. If they are good enough, then whats the problem. Not like a tier 1 company anyway. So why bother? How will banning Telegram help?

Bro if not Telegram they would find someother solution to cheat like whatsapp groups or something and I think its impossible to stop cheating .

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If you ban telegram, people will use WhatsApp for that. If you ban WhatsApp, Hike. If you ban Hike, then Viber and the list goes on …

I have seen many cheaters getting selected many times. And for me I am already placed .I started this because I felt bad seeing such activities.

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Short rated contests is the only solution for this!


Nice. Lets start with telegram. Then whatsapp. Then facebook. Then stackoverflow. Then … Then … At last cc/hr/he/cf.

Other way round. How about banning everyone’s internet and mobile services?


Banning telegram would not lead to anything.
If people have will to cheat they will find ways to do it and nobody can stop them.

Exactly bro, instead of 10 long days, they can divide both division and can conduct a normal contest.

They will never be atmanirbhar.

i am in 2 nd year and i took 6 hours to solve 3 problems in codevita round 1 but my friend done 5 problems in 10 min with the help of telegram , discort and on some others website and after contest they told me that they found the solution on some website. they dont understand that it lead to failure of some students in 4 year those who work hard but cant get chance for interview in tcs so may these contest are joke for some people but some people whole career and life depend on it.
those who do cheating in these contest think about it will grab a chance of a hard working senior year students those who waited for 5-6 months for that contest.
those fkrs who post solution or distribute solution i have a message for them if you want to show coding talent then try it in acm-icpc or getting highest rating on codeforces and if you cant than stop doing all this nonsense.