Cheating on telegram groups

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Okay so this is why the accepted solutions for the TUPLE problem went just from 20-25 in the first 3 days all the way to almost 2000 till the end of the contest. I was shocked to see this, but now I know the reason behind it


What you are saying is true but it gives rise to plagiarism .And i think codechef ide must be made default i.e there should not be any option of copy pasting . In this way even if somone cheats he/she has to write the full program. I don’t think codechef has any other way to stop cheaters on whatsapp telegram youtube or anything else cause everyone has each others numbers and all . And if one type of cheating is stopped somehow new cheating technique are discovered .

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Well there is no point in discussing cause this has been happening for quite a long time, and even my rating decreased(3 star to 2 star) cause I couldnt do 2 questions this time but the number of sumission drastically increased in the last few hours. This need to be looked at @admin

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wooo…is there no way to know their @ ?

where did you get this

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Please stop these useless discussions and focus on own improvement. Started since yesterday evening and still not ending


Usually people write code on their personal ides on which they are more comfortable. And then they just copy paste the code from there to the codechef ide. Don’t you think it will be a bad idea to remove copy paste option?


I usually write code on sublime text and then copy paste it.

Just type down codechef in the search bar of telegram and you will see all the groups by that name, now they are creating typos to change the group name such as Coodechef or codeechef, well anyways man, there’s no point in exposing them out anymore cause obviously at the time of short contests or codeforces contests they wont be able to do that. :wink:

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I think long challenges should be unrated or they should be of 2 days.

You guys are still stuck at cheating thing, don’t waste time in all this. Wake up, and start practicing. :pray:

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I don’t understand what people get by doing this, it won’t help you in the real world, if you don’t get a problem try learning about it even then if you’re not able to solve then leave it wait for the tutorial.

it has already lost it all are mocking codechef on codeforces

All I can see here is that soon codechef gonna turn into a blacklisted game server where only cheaters play and cheat …

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Let’s talk about possible solutions to avoid this

  1. Enforce plagiarism check
  2. Try to compete with yourself rather than thinking about others , in this way you won’t be discouraged if a lot of people cheated got ahead of you.
  3. Whenever you observe someone is cheating then report it.

At the end of day what matters is your problem solving skills. Your are not going to get hired only based on ratings.

Put your efforts in right direction.