Cheating on telegram groups

It seems you were not able to understand the hint ,went to his DM and was probably mocked by him or anyone else on the group.
Do you know why codeforces dont give much importance to this or any coder rated 6 and above not crying here.Its because they are competing with themselves, enjoying the problems and not seeing the rank list which most of the low rank coders do.
Let them do whatever they want coz if you are good aand willing to improve they can never win against you.Be positive!!
Rating is temporary class is permanent.


Guys its now useless to report because we all know this is happening from few months. People posting video solution before contest ends, discussing in telegram etc. So don’t be upset over this. Be happy that you solved this X problems on your own, be it by reading different articles, or papers etc.
The last two problems, delicious cake and guessnum were excellent problems. Though I couldn’t solve delicious cake, but because of that I learnt Convex hull. Maybe applying on any problem will take some time, but still I learnt.
Same for GUESSNUM, I could solve for 15 points. But in the hope of solving it fully, I read some papers and got to know about Hamming function(7,4) and many things.
So let them do anything. It doesn’t matter, you got to learn thats it


that’s … what i said. Also, we will end up better off than these cheaters in the long run, since we are actually learning and gaining important knowledge in our efforts

uff…the irony

will end up worse than we are effected rn

yes, learn for yourself, and do it for knowledge rather than these fleeting ratings.
Keep up the competitive spirit and sportmanship

Very discouraging to see this and people become 6 stars by just giving Long challenge.I think Codechef should make a separate rating for Long challenges and to get their ratings people should participate in a certain number of short contests too(say 8 to 10).If such thing continues then ,their these ratings are of no use.

If these things doesn’t happen than I might have got half the rank I get now :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Such screenshots surface after every long challenge, it is not the case with short contests. Surely it just affects the credibility of long challenge rating changes. Earlier rating changes used to be separate for three contests :heart_eyes:.


They really need to change this. I mean Long Challenge inflate the ratings, and those who work honestly have to pay for this.
They really need to have a separate rating mechanism for such competitions.
They should instead organize more 2 or 3 hour challenge, like codeforces.

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No one will bother to solve questions anymore, participation would decrease drastically. So stop suggesting this. Right now solution is to ignore these people and focus on your improvement only.

Earlier rating changes used to be separate for three contests?? what do you mean by that?

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You are absolutely correct!!! I ,too would have never learned about convex hull without attempting the problem CONTAIN (although was not able to solve it during the contest). It feels great when one gets AC by one’s own hardwork. I think the best thing about Long challenge is that we learn different concepts and try to approach in so many ways which opens up one’s horizon of thinking capacity. This was my second challenge and I enjoyed it very much.At last, according to me, it’s not the rating that matters in the long run, it is the learning that we are able to recieve from such beautiful problems.

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This was a first contest for me too.However i don’t want long challenges to end for these pathetic loons. codechef should make an algorithm for last minute submission such that if a person is making submissions in the last moment and no of accepted solutions become more than 1 codechef should start monitoring that account .

there was no combined rating as we have now,
read this->A star studded rating system

It is a nice idea, but I know many people who participate in long challenge just before the day it ends and solve problems themselves, don’t you think it’ll be injustice to them?

Now I got why my ranks fell sharply in last few hours, some back end cheaters were on fire.

I personally like long challenge more than short contest , and
I feel sad as the some of the comments like @punpun are discouraging all users who obtain higher ratings by just giving long challenges, and also that their ratings are of no use.
i kindly request @admins to look into this problem before changing any ratings, As it will not only be a slap for cheaters , but also a mark on my ( and many like me who like to participate in long challenges ) achievements.
Long challenge is where i learn new topics on my own and implement it on hundreds of lines of code, so please don’t tell me that my hard work is of no use.

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ya…i’m seeing …what the hell is this …i ruined my whole long challenge by trying to solve this tuple problem …and he just gave the hints…
I think cheating in long challenge is not a new thing because as we all knows about the April long Challenge…After that challenge many people raised their query to make the contest unrated but codechef didn’t do anything…

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I feel they should make 2 long challenges in a month each for 3-5 days rather than 10 days, as it gives so much time for discussion.


are you just acknowledging the fact that you cheat in public? @admin

Say it that i misunderstood you before it is too late and your account is blocked