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But why were the videos uploaded when the Contest was LIVE?
@admin @vijju123


Hey uploading the solution during an ongoing contest is not fair!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

@admin @vijju123 please look into it. Totally unfair who sat for many days thinking for the solution!


Nice initiative bro , but yes, why were the videos uploaded before 16th December with comments of people being present when the contest was live, please have a look at this @vijju123

Are you the one who uploaded the videos or are you reporting the id for cheating?


I think he himself uploaded the solutions because in his video the link to the problems are of Div1 and he himself belongs to Div1 , very rare possibility , just saying:joy::joy::joy:

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I think he didn’t know about the rules::grinning::grinning::grinning:

The user has given links on which ongoing question solutions were uploaded before contest was over.

So if someone does do this again and post editorials on youtube before the contest ends, what can codechef honestly do if even the id of the person who posted it on youtube is unknown

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Your internet was so fast that it uploaded 2 days ago


What is this? Why these guys do this? Are they out of their mind? :frowning:

wow, why did you upload those while contest was live? Man please have some common sense .
Only explain questions after contest ends.

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why plagiarism is done most of the time in long challenges people ask solutions,tips and tricks and cases etc.etc. and now video posting is also done. why people take long too much seriously.

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I am scratching my heads to solve this question then came some noob programmer who did cheating and get better rank than me.
This is totally unfair for real coder :disappointed::rage::rage::rage:


This isn’t fair at all
Why would you post solutions while contest is still ongoing?
I saw you do the same thing at HackerEarth too
Stop it!


Oh! lord!!! What a comedy man you are :frowning:

Why the heck do you upload these videos during contest?

Someone named NS commented on your CHFRAN video. It’s exactly who you are.

Dude seriously, you need to see a doctor first.

And pl don’t make these contest unrated because of this HIGHLY STUPID @bpand who has zero common sense. I worked hard for this contest and this is my 1st time reaching 5 stars.

Posting editorials during a running contest is a crime!


I have a suggestion @admin, @vijju123,
Why not suspend/ban their accounts because of doing these stuff. This is also considered as plagiarizing, that too at level 10. So, we should ban these people for the good of the community. And also rate things like having same code as plagiarism level X and take actions accordingly.

P.S: Whoever supports give a thumbs-up for Codechef to implement it.