Code Plagiarism in April Challenge 2020

I want to convey that one of my college student, logged into my account and copied the code(Exactly-READY BITWISE, changed the variable names for STRANGE NUMBER,SQUARED SUBSEQUENCES)
and submitted. I don’t know how he got my password and till the end of the contest, I was unaware of it. Actually my CodeChef account password and mobile password are same, that’s how he must have logged into my account without my knowledge. Sorry, this wont happen again

My Solution for Ready Bitwise : CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
His Solution for Ready Bitwise: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

My Solution for Squared Subsequences : CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
His Solution for Squared Subsequences : CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

Admin, Please look into the matter and please take necessary actions

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and this is your mistake :slight_smile:


Dont worry you both will loose rating in moss plag check.


By the way nice story same mobile password codechef password XD


cool story bro


i am also his college mate and what he said is completely fair, we weren’t aware of this and we just checked our friends solutions and we came across this .


Yeah bro accept it, and I apologized for it!

But I don’t have second accounts like someone

Sas bahu aur sajish ka naya script


I can make out 3 possible scenarios on what happened:

  1. He’s telling the truth, his friend did take the code from him because "his mobile password was his codechef password " (bruh).
  2. He played the reverse card and is accusing the one who actually wrote the code as the cheater whereas he’s the one who stole the code.
  3. They consensually exchanged codes after which he found out about MOSS and is trying to rat his friend out while saving himself.

Either way there’s no escape and you’re rating is gonna gonna down eventually.




bro,i am telling you i am his college mate and what he is saying is 100% true , he is not reversing the play or something please understand we just came to know about this evening while we were talking about solutions we fell upon this(our another college mate) solution , and see even the submission time! This is not a play just a info we are giving as soon as possible

Anyone can say anything as 100% true in the internet.
If your genuine then try to get the guy who copied the code to confess, that’ll make the story more believable and mayyybe action will not be taken

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still its considered cheating… bad luck maybe (if what you are telling is true). But either ways he should be responsible for the security of his account…

Your story might be true, but this is not the correct place to report this. You should mail to CodeChef regarding this. By the way, even if you get caught and your rating falls, don’t get upset because its a mistake from your side too.


Yeah I accept it for my fault.
I ll accept any decision

Anyone can say anything in internet and thats what exactly you did by saying lmao and better idea stuffs? Seriously this is how you respond at the end?

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Sure bro, I ll send an official mail.

script toh mil gya, but shooting toh 3 May k baad hi hogi!

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tell me one thing when your friend login to your account on his PC then from your PC your account will be logged out ? to fr tumne dekha nhi ki ye kya ho rha hai ? ya me password change krdu?