Codechef 6 months Internship 2021

Did anybody received any email of rejection(/acceptance/information regarding next round) , those who gave the online round


not till now!

Waiting for the same … !!

nothing till now. If anyone gets any sort of response, please just inform in this thread.

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@mr_no can you let us know the link of that post.

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Were 2023 graduates eligible ?

Hey, can you share the post, please? I had solved all 5. But haven’t received any updates yet.


No, probably not. It’s mentioned that it’s a 6 months internship. So, it’s probably only for the 2021 graduates.

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but they were hiring for next year summer vacation not this year for winter vacation.

@harish_dalal is this post not relevant to the CodeChef internship you are referring to?

@mr_no as this guy is already hired and currently working (started from nov) but as it was mentioned: " The internship period will be of 6 months from Jan - June 2021 P.S. make sure your college allows 6 months internship.". So it makes sense that this is not the internship he got via this competition.

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sincere apology

anyone’s eligible probably!

Just got the email with link of the next round, i.e. the web development round

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Just got a mail
Next round is development round
Starting from 13Nov


Yes. Got mail Next round is web development using their API


@chaos @ajitshiva how many problems did you guys solved?


what about you