Codechef 6 months Internship 2021

I have also received the mail. Next round is web development using codechef API. According to me those who have solved all questions ( or 4 might be ) are receiving the mail. Like I solved 5.

:pray: Bade log!

I have also received the mail for next round today.

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kitne kie btao na bhai

Just 3 :disappointed:. I should not even hoped for it. Anyways congrats to you:)

don’t loose hope :slight_smile:

Is there any other off campus drive coming? Aur kya infosys hire karegi 2021 batch k liye? Or they already did? Can I expect infosys drive for 2021 batch? @jeeadvanced @gunjan_768

Next time you will surely crack the first round. Just practice till then.

Bro I am in final year. There will be no next time…

Sorry :sweat_smile: Don’t lose hope. There are many opportunities available. Just believe in you and never stop trying. Today or tomorrow you will get what you want or atleast be in some where nice.



Solved 4 and a partial, got a score of 415. Not got any mail. I think only those who did all got mail.



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Yeah i also got 4 and 1 partial but not any mail received as of now

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Solved 5. Still didn’t get any mail.

Can you share the approach for 4th question?
and they should least unlock the leaderboard.

  1. Find LCA using sparse Table. (refer this
  2. Calculate distance ie ) distance between u and v = distance[u] + distance[v] - 2 * distance[LCA(u, v)].
  3. Time Complexity : NlogN (for preprocessing spare table) + q(logN) were q = no of queries.

did exactly like that but each time got TLE.

Did you use fast IO?

yes I did