CodeChef Break-The-Server

The CodeChef Dev team is on a mission. On a mission to make the world’s favourite Competitive Programming Platform stronger than ever before. In other words, when the competition gets heavy, we don’t want the platform crashing down. Now that the team has done all they could to make the platform as strong as Dwyane Johnson, we want you to come rumbling in the ring! Let’s see if the server can handle the heat when all members of the CC community come together to take part in the CodeChef Break-The-Server - An Unrated Contest With Div 3 Problems! If the server handles the footfall, well and good. If not, we get back to work. See you this Sunday, February 21, 9:30 PM.

Contest Date: February 21, Sunday

Contest Time: 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM IST

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Compete Here: Contest Page | CodeChef


Are we allowed to DDOS the server (by making a huge number of submissions)?





If you want us to try to break the server, why can’t we spam TLEs in python (because python solutions have a 5x multiplier) with submissions like this:

while True:

Participate in huge numbers and do submissions considering that contest is rated and have ACM style ranklist !! :smiley:

plot twist:
contest was rated


Doesn’t matter because I lose rating anyways :"(

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Will we be able to see the ranklist?

I mean, since it is an unrated contest, I was unsure if we can see the ranklist during the contest or not.


We are testing our improved systems, and are testing rigorously. We want to ensure that the community enjoys a normal contest experience always. So we want you & your friends to participate in our Break-The-Server Contest like a normal participant, by taking part in the contest and trying to solve as many problems as you can. As in any normal contest, visit the usual pages, like the contest page, problem pages, IDE, rank list, and My Submissions pages.

This is intended to test our site infrastructure which has been the main bottleneck in the last few contests, and not the checkers. We will be improving our checkers further over the next month, but for now the focus is on the other parts of our infrastructure. So please do not try to overload the checkers with irrelevant repeated submissions - we will have a separate Break-The-Checkers testing contest for this later. For now, just participate as you normally would do in a contest. Do not post comments repeatedly.

Abide by the code of conduct.


None of codechef’s unrated contests have previously shown a server problem/long judging queues, why do you think that this contest would show long queues. Try making the contest rated and see the long queues of submissions. XD


I was reading through the comments.
I really did not understand, how exactly should we “break the server” without trying attacks or malicious scripts…
submissions and compilation is a regular thing done in each contest, then what’s different here?

@yashtibrewal Context on what this contest is for : Announcement - Jan LTime and future contests

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@admin is it allowed to stream this contest live on any streaming platform like yt or twitch ?

Ummm, why am I getting the feeling that we actually broke it?


exactly, it’s just not working

Broken even before contests began :slight_smile: . Problems not visible :slight_smile:


problem is not visibile now… error showing