CodeChef March Long 2020

Thanks for the suggestion, I shall post the editorials to LAZER and CHEFDAG earlier to make it seem like CodeChef didn’t do a bad job of setting a balanced contest!


That would be like a real birthday celebration :blush:

Yeah! There’s plagiarism involved too. Sorry for my miscalculation :joy: :joy:

funny :rofl: :rofl:

Congrats to the winners:

Div 1

  1. kut_hgs1997
  2. he_____he
  3. lk_zeromaker
  4. kmaaszraa
  5. jijiang
  6. zhouyuyang
  7. white2302

Div 2.

  1. kuticpcer
  2. mateocv
  3. danbanica
  4. fcb1234
  5. ragnar_7
  6. sj151
  7. rocket323
  8. slavakpcc
  9. opppppppp

North Korea won both divisions!


bhai mera graph kyu nai dikhar? please anyone tell me. This is my first contest

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must be updating i guess,be patient

urs too same issue?

nope i didn’t participate in the long challenge.
But i have seen this happening many times.
So it usually gets fixed in a few minutes or an hour or so.

I just understood that solution to LAZERTST is based on the fact that input is “real” random, hence there is no input which is unsolveable.

Just let me me say, this is real stupid, anoying. I am out. Fuck you.

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XD I knew someone will post something like this.

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well that is what statement says right?

“Consider a random sequence A1,A2,…,AN, where each element is generated independently and uniformly randomly”

know how to use randomness is important in computer science.


Do you know that the quicksort you use in cpp is also random? :slight_smile:

Having such a disgusting attitude towards learning, I will genuinely not be surprised if you get stuck with this rating ladder for a long long time.

PS: Go fuck yourself.


jajajaja … come on man, don’t be so angry! According to your Rating Chart, on average, you are getting better, so there is a chance that you are learning something from one contest to another and perhaps randomness (or paying attention to statements) was the subject of this.


Most of them are but not all.
Lost the bet. Party?

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I thought internet isn’t allowed in North Korea!

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Bro I also felt really annoyed when I couldn’t mathematically prove that we could get 100% correct answer even though there were so many ACs on this… :joy:
I really didn’t think questions like these were asked in CP contests …
I wasn’t expecting to see 70pts when I submitted a (seemingly stupid & unproved ) soln…XD…and then 100pts…I am glad I didn’t give up XD XD

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Yes but only the time complexity will vary based on randomness, but the final array will always be 100% correctly sorted.
But in this LAZERTST , there was a really really really small chance of getting wrong answer…bdw do you know how the setter generated truly random numbers (not pseudo random numbers)???

I saw him tossing an unbiased coin multiple times before few days.
I think he was generating a binary number with 30 bits for making subtask 2. I am not sure about how he handled cases when number exceeds 10^9. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol XD…no seriously…how did you create the test data??? @vivek_1998299

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