CodeChef March Long 2020

CHEF : We are doubling the happiness this Long Challenge

Since it’s our birthday this month, the Chef is in a generous mood. We shall be giving away double the number of prizes than usual. For example: Instead of Top 10, Top 20 will get the winner laddus. This is applicable across all category winners.



It would be nice to have a translation in the second most native-spoken language :wink:

A long long ago, I translated one of my rounds to spanish. I’m not sure how many active spanish speakers are in codechef though.


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Codechef has turned 1011 years!!! then why not make this long challenge 1011 days long
instead of 1010 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
1 extra day 1 extra problem toomuchfun

Game theory :hugs::hugs:

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bhaiya is baar problem ka level kam hai or bahut kam programmers participate kr rahe hai
or faltu ki problem jyaada hai
question 1
question 2
question 3 totally waste hai
please increase difficulty so that we can learn something new

If you feel problems are pretty easy…Why haven’t you solved all the 11 problems?
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Well, if you are smart enough to do 3 problems, you should also have enough sense to realize that you should give feedback in English. This is must irrespective of circumstances.


Was this supposed to be sarcastic? :roll_eyes:
I think this contest being pretty tough is the reason for very few AC submissions , check out the steep drop from 3rd - 4th problem in Div 2, A day already finished and the first problem in Div1 doesn’t have even 100 AC submissions.


9 days still left

comfortable in Hindi :slight_smile:

Its not about what you are comfortable or not - its about whats right and according to the rules. You can stay as comfortable as you want in your house - but here at forums you need to behave.


Anyone want to start making funny bets?

I think there will be at least one unsolved problem in div2 by the end of the contest.


I was about to make a bet on how many points the X solution might get in challenge but realized thats against the rules XD

I bet challenge problem will be largely unattempted in Div2. It has diagrams in the statement. That thing scares them. :stuck_out_tongue:



less than 1% of div2 participants will solve > 4 problems


@anon6961143 How brilliant programmer you are! I only solve 1 problem of div 1. And these problem are child’s play to you :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I don’t think 4th problem in div 2 will have more than 100 solves

You’re on.

If all the 12 problems have at least 1 AC in Div-2 by the end of the contest, you should include a 20 second clip in one of your MARCH20 video editorials, of you doing the Gangnam dance.

What would you like us to do if we lose?