Codechef on its way to become a paid platform and next Coding Ninjas or Coding Blocks?

Codechef removed not-for-profit phrase.
check here



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Totally out of context I just wish they do not start giving Reservations in Coding competition:
Pun intended:)

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Lmao , I can’t find a single word “non” or “not” in whole page :rofl:

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they removed it from everywhere :joy:


Damn, so I was right about it, good things do come to an end :3

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when CodeChef announces something.

What do you expect from admin to reply here ?
I am not sure if this needs a reply. All the things that codechef was offering for free are free right now as well. If you liked codechef before then why will you not like it right now?

They are just adding new extra content which is paid. I hope you understand that creating a good quality content isn’t free either. I am not supporting or encouraging people to take or make paid courses. It’s up to you after all. You should decide if you want to pay for it or not. All the initiatives taken by codechef which were free before are still free to use. So I don’t see why are people behaving like codechef is forcing you to pay for giving contests or accessing editorials.


I would rather use both and give contests for free on both of them.


I’d agree to this and nobody appreciated the fact that now they also have included video editorials on yt.


I didn’t mean to say against or for in this topic ,I just asked admin to clarify to people directly.


Most of the comments have included everything that needs to be answered, what I feel is CP isn’t actually like JEE or UPSC and CAN NOT BE MONETIZED as the latter two were(through coaching)…because JEE and UPSC are prehistoric(laymen)…we didn’t have internet/youtube/quora back then and free guidance was only possible through individual interaction from “been there, done that guys”…but for CP…we had exactly the opposite, Free lectures came way before the paid courses.

In this post stone age period…programmers are smart enough to solve their bugs on google, I actually don’t see a point in debating hard about paid courses because they are already existing, but only a fraction of us are buying them. The real thrill of CP is in finding solutions without actually studying similar problems earlier and applying the same concepts again and again.

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Coding education must be free of cost


The platform isn’t really degrading. That’s a bit exaggerated.

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Posts like these gain lots of traction, but the posts with coding questions get 0 replies…SIGH


Admin replied in case you missed it : Is CodeChef on its way to become a paid platform?


Also don’t forget about GNU/Linux. The whole world runs on Linux servers. Multinational Corporations are making billions when Linus Torvalds doesn’t really profit from it. Why? How? It’s free software.

Then there’s also the Linux OS’s which can be installed and downloaded for free. The perfect alternative to windows and it’s frustrating shenanigans.

i unsubscribed from unacademy newsletters to find that codechef also started sharing them.
Sad, seeing codechef die…

but at last admins will ignore this :frowning: