Codechef please look at this

Why does Codechef doesn’t maitain the ext contest collection properly?
recently I was going through this chef and mini kitchen .
Look at this two submissions
AC submission
WA submission

If you observe these submissions the only difference is that i am neglecting input with d>3001 in AC Submission. But the input according to question should be like d<=3000 for all .
So this concludes that there is something wrong with the input in the testing solution.
This wasted me almost 2-3hrs. If this hasn’t been brought to your notice till now then please look into it and take appropriate actions(either removing question from pracitice or modify the input) so that others won’t face this problem.
Please look into it @admin @tushar2899

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and why don’t ext contests have editorials generally in codechef?
Why couldn’t codechef make it compulsory for someone conducting an external contest to give editorial?


Unrated external contests have absolutely no vetting from our end, and we have no plans of changing this any time in the near future - that’s just not feasible for us to do. So yes, there are plenty of problems in extcontest which have issues in them - that’s precisely why they are in a totally different section and not in our curated sections. If you find issues, please contact the corresponding organizer, and if they don’t reply, then please approach us and we will remove it from the section. But we will not be spending time correcting those problems.

As for editorials - we do make it mandatory for them to write editorials, and we have some incentives for them to do so as well, but still not everyone does it. And we do not plan on enforcing this and reviewing the editorials before a contest is conducted - we can’t even vet the problems, let alone the editorials.


thanks @admin for replying.
I totally agree with your point. I am waiting for author to respond . If he says “Yes,there is an issue…” Then i will bring this to your notice so that you can remove the question