Codechef Rating Predictor is Back

control f and find your name :3

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Late sync time issue is fixed. Now it should update itself in 5-15 minutes.

Let’s check after contest. We will tweak accordingly if something is wrong.

I knew that after you starred the repository xD. So I tried once again setting up everything with correct database connection strings and voila!

Btw you can predict rating change for particular rank by checking the rating change for expected rank for user which has rating most close to you. I know there will be some inaccuracy but still somewhat accurate. Will see if I can implement this.

Thanks for the suggestion. Though you can search by using Ctrl+F but it will be really cool if we have auto complete search for handles. Will try this later since it’s low priority.

@abdullah768 He is talking about red people in the predictor UI, i.e. people who are in a decreased rating status currently.

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No. As of now, it can predict all and individual rating of Cook off, lunchtime and long. Will add link for individual ratings soon.

Really glad someone finally did this.

One suggestion for what rank you need to ‘save your rating’ is the ERank mentioned here. If I understand correctly, If your Actual rank is less than your Erank, your rating increases and decreases otherwise.

I even made a topic asking for this a while back. Again, this should be very easy to implement since the ERank is already calculated, you just have to display it. Would be really helpful.


Great work. Tried myself to do it, but just couldn’t get it to work! Thanks a lot for this. Have been missing this since a long time!

*Sed lyf this was*

Did you like the new UI? I felt typing contest code everytime was tiresome especially for cook off and lunchtime where you can’t predict the contest code like long challenge. That’s why I’ve added dropdown instead. You can revert back to old standings page theme by clicking the switch icon located on top right corner of the page.

Will try to add seed value as suggested by @ psaini72. Can’t guarantee if I’ll be able to it since I’ve other things to do but I’ll try my best.


Yes the UI is great! Thanks, but I think there’s something wrong, My previous rating and current rating don’t match.

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Ok… It does… I had selected Individual in the drop down… What’s the difference?

Glad you liked the new UI. :slight_smile: individual rating stands for 3 other category rating we have on codechef. You see 4 ratings in every profile right?

All is for combined and individual is seperate long/short/lunchtime rating.


Is it available on Github? If so, please provide the link!!

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Yes the newer one is better than previous one.

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Yes. ccrate repository and codechef rating predictor repository.

You can see the second one because it’s combination of both.

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there is a bug in fecthing rating of users…the users current ratings was fetched wrong (less than actual current rating)

I see everyone is checking individual rating change and getting confused. Individual stands for long challenge rating for this contest. It shows 2021 for you and 2091in All, both of which are correct.

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ok Now I understand the meaning of individual

Why is it showing red for some user?