Codechef Rating Predictor is Back

Hi everyone,

Codechef rating predictor is back. You can access it from (short for Codechef rated). All credit goes to vsp4 for creating such an accurate predictor. I just set servers up again and redirected it to that page so that you don’t have to copy that long url. :slight_smile: Thanks to svr8 for bug fixes.

UPD - I have migrated ccrate to ccpredict. You can use either of the two but I will suggest use ccpredict.


Awesome, working for me.


its Just Awesome…Add some more functionality like how much more marks you needed to save rating (for people who are in RED)…then It will be perfect


Awesome Feature.In how many hours is it synced with the ranklist?as right now it is showing synced 2 hours ago.Can it be synced every 5-10 minutes.If it isn’t in auto sync you can add a functionality for that


Ironically, red people care the least about ‘saving their ratings’ :stuck_out_tongue:


according to predictor I am getting +170

and according to formulae maximum rating increase can be 170 for me .Formulae is at

I hope this predictor is correct and one again thanks to the developers


thanks a lot !!

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yes I know many of them just don’t care…but there are students like me who cares for their rating just because we put that in our RESUME :smile:

BTW!! congo for the GOOGLE …I’m welling to be like you :slight_smile:


Does it predict Junior ratings as well

So precise and true.

I’ve seen some red coders willfully solving only 1 problem in Codechef Contests, so their rating can decrease, respect=respect+100 for them :slight_smile:


I know someone who did it in last long and this long as well.
Reason for last long - He didn’t like the problems citing “Heavy Implementation.”
This long - Intership++

its Just Awesome…Add some more functionality like how much more m̶a̶r̶k̶s̶ rank you needed to become RED…then It will be perfect.



@dushsingh1995 I was running it offline from past 2 days. :stuck_out_tongue:
Idk much dev. Any workaround possible to make some changes in the database to see expected rating change on achieving a particular rank?

I don’t think anyone become RED from PURPLE directly…

That’s not possible. Maximum rating change is capped at 275.
But Orange do become Red.

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I think it can be done by the formula

Yash Chandnani :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow cooll…just add searching option.

Thank you Dushyant Bhaiya XD

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