Codechef Rating Scam

What the hell codechef`s rating system doing.
I submitted my code after contest end and that was runtime error
the why codechef decreased my rating by 109 on what basis
even if codechef consider my submission during contest then why they decreased my rating but 109 on the basis of a single unsuccessful submission
Same thing happend with my friend s4shivam97
He submitted only one problem during contest and that was AC on first go but codechef deducted 120 rating
Means what if we submit AC then they decrease rating .
If we Submit Wrong Attempt then also they are deducting
from last 4 months codechef is just decreasing rating
due to this i lost my one star
what the hell is this
what we do
submit or not…

@admin can u please look into this , he is not participated in may cook off but still this happen , I think it is some bug @devsachin007 cool man.

I think you messed up (or maybe, it could be the fault of Codechef too). One of your submissions was during the contest :thinking:.

Screenshot from 2021-05-24 09-52-40

bro i am frustrated
even if they count my submission then why -109 on a single wrong attempt

if they are considering this submission during contest then why -109 on basis of just single attempt

Surely it’s a bug , as you submitted exactly at 00:00 , they will not consider as participation.

00:00 is not in contest timimg.

9:30 to 11:59:59

Because of low rank

check my friend profile

he submitted only single question and that was AC on first go then why they decreased 120

That’s how Codechef rating system works. Your performance is considered poor. Your performance is compared with that of others with nearly the same rating, depending on which you lose or gain some points.
More about Rating system: Rating Mechanism | CodeChef

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Are you sure?

this is not a valid reason
means person have low rank will be prioritize in rating decreament

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Screenshot from 2021-05-24 09-59-59

I think submissions at 00:00:00 are also considered.


yup , @devsachin007 if u want to gain +ve delta then u have to solve more questions , but that’s not the case in your case question is that why they consider u as a participant

lol :joy:

Is this your first time? Rating of one person increases at the cost of others only


correct @suman_18733097 . bro @devsachin007 many users who submit exactly at 00:00 have changes in their rating … admin will tell us more clearly .

why this user considered in -ve rating
he submitted only one and that was AC on first go

same reason rank

Wait brooooo. Have you seen the link I’ve shared before - that explains how Codechef rating system works?

AC in one gooooo. That’s good but not enough.

I hope you understand.

Also, how can you expect a person with rank around 10K will have positive changes in the rating?


according to you wrong submission doesn`t matter?
only rank decide rating