Codechef Rating

I want to know why my rating suddenly dropped from 4 star (1950+ ) to 1 star ??
I didn’t copy anything from anywhere.

Like that only rhea is saying for sushant case :sweat_smile:


Check your mailbox, you must have received some notification about it…


Hey i am newbie. I just wanted to know why does not my rating show up on discuss ?

You need to participate in a rated contest.

Don’t play dumb, you must have recieved plagiarism mails earlier, also your rank must have been dropped to last and submissions deleted for the same contest, it’s just that you got plag hammer now !

You were such a talented guy. I never expected this from you. I think IIT Roorkee is a regular customer of ICPC World Finals. And you just hammered their name with a plag hammer. :sob: :sob:

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I have participated in rated contest. I am at 4* but for some reason the rating does not show on discuss

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Write code on your local machine instead of using an online compiler.

Have they checked August 2020 for plagiarism?

It’s because of the underscores at the end of the username, you can check about it more here -

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