Codechef Sucks

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It has nothing to do with CodeChef. Its the users who cheat, and what can you do to stop people who post solutions on the internet? You can only remove those solutions. And that CodeChef surely does. The only thing is you need to be vigilant. And why do I feel that you made a fake account just to post this useless thing.


and what happens if we reply to it? codechef is the only platform that provides facility of long challenges, its good for beginners and to learn some new concepts as zeal to solve problems is there funded by hunger for points. but some people just wont understand and misuse it. so who to blame? codechef ? or cheaters? its cheaters that degrading it. and speaking of plagiarism, its near impossible to detect if done smartly. codechef cant do anything about it. its a great platform if used accordingly, otherwise everything sucks.


How much ratings codechef will give you for posting that?
or whats your profit in it?

I Agree

I don’t need any profits to speak the truth.


Its a great platform for long contest. Why we leave this platform? Cheaters who cheat is cheated himself. If you don’t wanna use it go for another platform. In 2020 there are lot of platform. So don’t uninspire people to leave this good platform

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

well, not the platform sucks. Its Indian cheats who suck. Not sure where they will go by doing all this cheating and who are they gonna show there unskilled high ratings.


Thanks :slight_smile:

They will get fake stars :frowning:

Okay, then focus on CP.

Bro, codechef is the platform which taught me cp. Its the people who do this to degrade. Codechef was always good and will always be


Cheaters create whatsapp group, telegram (codechef discussion) group and share corner case,code etc.
These all are on the contrary of codechef code of conduct

That’s the point

I don’t think using that “Indian” tag on the ones who cheat is a good thing, not even necessary. It doesn’t add any weight to what you say. Don’t do this.

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Someone answer this DSU - DOUBT

Only the long challenge and the ranting posts get views so i am posting here


You should ask any CP related doubt on Codeforces, as codechef is no longer healthy for CP now.

codeforces is not at all good to post doubts.
If you are not above 2000 rating people don’t even see your blog(They even downvote them heavily).
Here people answer your questions genuinely I gotreplies from many good people here.
don’t suggest people if you don’t know the reality.


If it’s true come up with your real codechef id and speak up,why do u hide yourself.