Codechef vs Codeforces

Hello Codechef Community!:wave:

I’m just sharing my experience of Codeforces with Codechef community. No offense, please!

Few things can be implemented from Codeforces:-

1. Questions should be already sorted in the order of their difficulty(Easy to Hard).
2. The announcement should pop up on the window after the announcement is done. Because during the contest user forget if such a thing exists.
3. Reply to comment should pop up on the window page.
4. Copy option should be given for the sample input and output.
5. 505 Gateway timeout error should be fixed.
6. “Hold right there Sparky” tradition - If you are not signed into codechef. We will prove to you that you are a bot. (src:@aryanc403)
7. Never take measures to stop plagiarism on this forum. (src:@aryanc403)
8. Codechef to never provide the link properly at first and (may or may not) fix it later.
9. Should provide test case file.

Your Vote counts:

  • I strongly recommend doing this.
  • Doing this will help but not very much required.
  • Neutral.
  • I doubt if that is required.
  • I strongly disagree doing that.

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I would want different votes for different suggestions.
Options should have been.

  1. I strongly recommend to do this.
  2. Doing this will help but not very much required.
  3. Neutral.
  4. I doubt if that is required.
  5. I strongly disagree doing that.

If this is the point then consider this also


Yeah, i think it looks better.


I have added his points too.:slightly_smiling_face:


Must also provide the test case file.


i definitely agree test cases are very very useful .

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Codechef is unique in the sense that it doesn’t provide the testcases, leading to the student aiming for the unknown. Also, it helps us practice debugging. But on the other side, sometimes it may lead to frustration. Then I guess we must refer editorials.(Only after enough tries tho). I don’t think many would support making testcases open.
P.S. Also, making a hidden testcase pass is more satisfying than changing the code to make a known testcase pass. :slight_smile:


I think testcases being invisible will improve our thinking abilities . So , i support codechef in this perspective :slight_smile:


imagine a guy who tried all the debugging knowledge he had but failed even after hours and no one in the forum had time to help with his problem what can he do instead of giving up on problem? even if he choose to look up other solutions which are AC he cant understand them due to the variables macros stuff. why cant codechef provide testcases ?? even codeforces has more red coders than here .don’t you think they really doesnt have good debugging knowledge as they provided open testcases??

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Codechef can be unique just like every other plateforms
By considering these points

CodeChef should provide test-cases on practise problems.

Because looking at other’s code sometimes doesn’t tell you whats wrong in your code

@below Codes are sometimes too big to be debugged when being compared

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And thinking does tell you :slight_smile:

Nothing is going to happen :frowning:




indirect answer …

Show me that guy ?
And he would just miss one problem. That’s not a big thing. Later on he will only realize that he could have solved the error and he would be able to solve it later on.
Tell that guy to open this link if anything doesn’t work.


let me consider many of my friends.
partially solve the problem and don’t know which test cases they were failing and they after trying for hours and they dont had time to spend on the various partially accepted problems like that as they dont have time to manage academics too . judge which don’t provide proper test cases how can someone expected to be solved if werent any geniuses like you finding test cases and dont had enough time?? this codechef dont even had a proper navigation to get to discussion forum and even if they found 5 or 6 star coders never help the beginner like 1 and 2 star coders . they need testcases where they failing and spending days for 100points . what will happen if they provide you test cases uh?? what are the disadvantages ??. top global online judge like codeforces provides why dont codechef??

And please codechef discriminate between partial points AC and 100 pts AC in selection tab too . Sometime It is difficult to find a 100pts solution


Hope is a beautiful thing.

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