CODERS , Problem not loading

Problems are not visible @admin


Yes they aren’t. And why does the announcement say from 9pm? @admin

They announced that the contest will start from 9 P.M.

it will start at 9 pm

Its announced that it’ll start after an hour (9pm IST)

same here

It’s postponed.

Really? Then please explain why there is a three hour timer running to my right.


It will start at 9PM

But the contest timer is ticking down, is it confirmed that it has been postponed?

If it starts at 9PM, when will it end?

Well they should confirm. I am just not sure since I see a timer counting down on my right.

Possibly some bug :frowning:

I think it’s just a mistake of not stopping the timer from their side. Hope it’ll be resolved soon.

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Yeah I guess.

Please schedule it from 8:30 pm @admin , having other work too , very tough to find the time :frowning_face:


In the Poster its still written 8PM to 11PM

Think so, as they wrote it in the announcement and also showed a pop-up message.

Well even the banner says contest is from 8:00. I don’t know if I am really being vexatious at this point, but this is really confusing. I’ll just take your word for it; that the contest is from 9pm.

The timer is updated