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Just output the sample outputs.

The 6th problem has 2 sample inputs and is, therefore, more complicated than the other 5.

I don’t understand why codechef allows such contests to be conducted on its platform. Also, this contest has a first prize worth 6000.

6000 for just outputting sample outputs isn’t a bad deal though.

UPD: Behold, Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have a solution for the problem with multiple test cases:


int n; cin >> n;
cout << "Dont Exist for " << n << “\n”;


@admin @vijju123

Bro, this is some real shit.
Realized in the fifth question. :joy:


got stuck on the last one.
then read this and solved it.:upside_down_face:
Seriously now i have decided not to participate in such type of contests.:no_good_man:

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I am facing difficulty in the one with two sample outputs :cry: It’s not getting accepted

Can some one help?:laughing:


Should’ve opened discuss earlier xD.
It got fishy when I wrote a code of more than 30 lines (which needs some implementation skills) and still wasn’t able to pass even the sample test case in my local editor but wait, the accuracy of the problem was more than 75. So, I just wrote 2 lines of code
cout<<answer of sample test 1<<endl;
cout<<answer of sample test 2<<endl;
and it passed xD

Did the same for 6th problem and it passed again :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Hope no one copies my code from here xD xD

“solved” all😂
They should’ve allowed “TEXT” language


atleast do some brute force problem solving

print doesnt exiist
print doesnt exiist
print doesnt exiist

it will give AC

LOL ! :laughing: It’s a fun game now

Edit : Solved All :laughing:

Thanks. This was first time I solve all 6 problems in < 15 mins. LOL

Just a thought, will they really give the prize money?

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The only challenging part was determining Problem SAMN did not have any test case.

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Check this solution after the contest : here.
I didn’t knew they had only samples before this solution.

If anyone is interested here is the one and only input for the question with two sample inputs




well it was not codesense, it was nonsense.:thinking:


Feel free to verify the legitimacy of my solutions. :slight_smile:


For the record, I had no clue this exploit existed until deciding to browse discussion now LMAO.

Hi @vmaddur! I’m not taking anything away from you. I saw your submissions after contest and they were all legit. Even I solved 5 problems legitimately, but since I couldn’t understand the sample input of the last one and there were no penalties, I decided to submit the output of sample cases and it got AC. After that, I tried it on all problems and it worked.
The purpose of this blog was just to bring the carelessness in creating the contest in the eyes of everyone and the admin so that they may take actions aganist such stuff. Hopefully you’ll receive your prize.

And hopefully, your prize is not this:

CCDSAP Scholarship coupons worth 6000