Editorial for yet another ongoing contest (Code Raptor Contest)

Here’s the editorial for all the problems:


Print the sample output

Here’s another contest where you got editorials during the contest:


Lol, i solved 4 problems legitimately but the array one hit me with a NZEC! came to discuss to clarify the input and found this lmao

I did the exact same thing :rofl:

Lol, I was thinking how to take the input for the array. Like n1,n2,n3 then arrays or n1 then array1. Both gave me runtime. Why does codechef allow to hold these contests?


Last one Verdict : NZEC.

They were high while setting the last problem. LOL

Moreover, this is a 6 hours contest. Lol

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I am getting runtime even after print the Same o/p as mentioned,How??

Could you send the code?

a1=[int(i) for i in input().split()]
a2=[int(i) for i in input().split()]
a3=[int(i) for i in input().split()]
print(“Common Elements are”,end=" “)
for i in a:
print(str(i),end=” ")

This won’t work. The editorial says output the solution for the sample :joy:

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If you guys want a legitimate solution for the 5th, here it is:

a1 = input()
a2 = input()
a3 = input()

a1 = a1[a1.index('{'): a1.index('}')].split(', ')
a2 = a2[a2.index('{'): a2.index('}')].split(', ')
a3 = a3[a3.index('{'): a3.index('}')].split(', ')

a = set(a1).intersection(a2).intersection(a3)

print('Common Elements are', *sorted(a))
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Just take sample input and print the sample output,Don’t think more :joy::joy:

For c++, how to take input for array? Through strings? As I think, we cannot take size as input

Wait a second, I’ll code for it in c++

lol, this holds true for all the questions, rather they shouldn’t have been holding this contest.

I’m new to Codechef and this was so stupid. Like why is this even allowed?

It’s too hard for me :frowning:

Here’s my progress till now: https://hastebin.com/onufocuwop.cpp

It’s showing SIGSEGV for this :tired_face:

just copy and paste this code: THIS WILL GIVE YOU AC

They removed the contest

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The only thing that these contests do is spoil CC’s reputation. CC should have some valid testers for contests being conducted on CC. (Including external unrated??). Also, the problems weren’t even interesting. meh.