Codevita help

Anyone attended tcs codevita interviews If yes pls share the experience

@samarthtandon might know.

I will tell u, ask what u wanna know

Yes, i went for the interview.
i will write only the questions asked to me ->
q1): Tell me about yourself ?
q2): Asked me question about my hobbies.
q3): What is the smallest executable code ever possible ?
q4): Tell me about String, StringBuilder, StringBuffer ?
q5): Questions about my projects in Resume and my final year project which i will be making and technologies used.
q6): Database queries ?
q7): Asked me logic to draw “X” using * in Java.
q8): What you know about Tcs ?
q9): Are you comfortable with any shifts and any place ?

@anon45785307 I did’nt receive the mail yet for schedule yet any idea when will i receive

i received mail on 30th and my interview was on 1st. So, may be you will get email before two days whenever the interviews will be conducted in your region.