Community for same level prorammer

yes for sure…do make plzzz

the purpose would be defeated if he has gained knowledge of the logic or, worse yet, the solution

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yeah, your point is absolutely right and valid.

It will be hard to manage in the starting month .
But after a certain time members who will be present is only dedicated programmer.
And one can not stop anyone from cheating .
Many of my class friends ask me that how did you solve the problem or for any hint, but I clearly reject their request stating is not ethical and not the right way to deal live contest.

  • Also, the group is not limited to doubts and cp, as stated earlier it is for college students which can help other students to know about different companies ,internship and job opportunity and also to increase their connection.

Last point is the main motive as in my college only tcs and infosys come for placement so it will help me to know about other startups and product based companies.


yeah Valid Points so are you going to create the group ?

That will be good,

yes bro, go for it.

yes interested

yeh bro great initiative i am interested!!


Everyone is not as honest as you, though. Also , my point is, even if they don’t cheat on the group…they’ll have access to their personal numbers and can dm them for hints

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okay, yeah that is … sad, to say the least. This could be a nice opportunity, yes.


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Go ahead…you have the majority with you! :+1:

Trusting you,

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Yes broo, please.

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I am in!

Yeah sure mate count me in!

Note: For people worried about cheating.

There’s a Discord community of CodeForces, so don’t you think even there people might be cheating, by asking for hints in DMs? Still the community is very active and growing.
Similarly my college already has Telegram group of around 150 people for CP, and there hasn’t been a single discussion on the current challenge.

My point is people are going to cheat, I bet there would be many who would be looking for solutions on YouTube, so a group meant for a noble purpose should not be dismissed due to plagiarism worries.

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point noted. I am sorry for causing any delays : )

where you gonna take all their phone numbers?

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pls add 91+ 70114 18326 to the group pls


Very true