Community for same level prorammer

Once a person contacted me on facebook for sol. of a question. And when i asked how you got my id he said he searched on facebook with my name and college. People can go to any length so i think it’s catalyst for those who want to cheat but on the same time who cares about them, even if few people can get help it’s worth it.
To make it clear that i am more comfortable on codechef discuss or stackoverflow then any of these groups, it’s more irritating i think.


This is a great idea. You can create a group for people (2018-2022 batch) from tier 2/3 colleges where there are very less opportunities and we all can help each other grow. This will help people to get referrals for jobs or internships and will expose the tier 2,3 crowd to more opportunities and like minded people.

I would recommend you make the group on telegram there you can take help from bots to ban users if they try to cheat.
Once the group will grow there will be many people who do the contest fairly and have ethics then all can take care of the group and report to group admin if someone tries to cheat.

@tannatsri I think it’s a superb idea. You should go ahead with it.

yes I am in

agreed. CodeChef Discuss allows you to clear any doubts you may have in the first place. Creating a secondary group with no authority to keep check on cheaters, it is simply unnecessary.



Please add me also

Count me in

No one forcing you to join and the one who rely on cheating will do cheating, also I am a part of a whatsapp group where many indian top rated coders are there like ashishgup, striver, vivek chauhan, abdullah aslam , pulikt chabra and many more. One of my seniors have added me to the group. But since only few members are there of my age(batch) (approx 9- 10). So some time it became awkward to ask question in that group or to understand their approach . That is why if we are of same age then it will help us for placements also as well as for knowledge also.

And also you dont have to worry about cheating as MOSS is working fine and codechef team is working very hard for these cheaters.

Also, it is specific for (2018 - 2022) batch only.

No, more discussion on this topic .

those who want to join can join via these, as whatsapp is far more easy to manage.

it is specific for (2018 - 2022) batch only.

@the_pythor @baker5 @ashish0077 @trial_codes @div_bargali @bufftowel @anon9479045 @cocaine_stuff @darshjain @rsudhanshu137 @hello_hell @aks151 @chandramani695 @codeguptaji

The link will be revoked after 24hrs to avoid uninterested crowd.

@shubham2007200 @shaad7 @vai53 @pr_0202 i53 @pr

whatever…jbtw, try same coding level instead of batch because there may be some coders of your age who are much better than others of the same age and then the low level ones would feel just as (alienated as) you did when you were in that senior group

ok thanks.

update: i’ve joined. :+1:
thank you

I am not able join the group plss send the link .

########################THESE GROUPS ARE MEANINGLESS#####################


@tannatsri link?

Can you share link once again 2022 graduate

Is the group still there and is there any vacant place in that ? @tannatsri