Community for same level prorammer

Guys, I am thinking to create a group (whatsapp/telegram) in which 2nd yr student(presently) will be there to help each other from different colleges and form a productive community.

If you are interested drop a reply.

NOTE -: Please only 2nd yr students are requested to reply (2nd yr in 2019 - 2020)

Edit -: will share the group link with all interested once the contest end.



wouldn’t it just become a platform to cheat. this seems to be a very bad idea doe…just use codechef discuss for your req.

There are many people here to help you…no need for offline chat




live contest discussion will not be allowed.

main motive is to connect and help tier 2 , 3 college students with tier 1 colleges ,so that they can share resources and increase their contact.

Cheating will not be allowed and entertained in any way.


i know that’s the motive, but how will you ensure that no one cheats?
Frankly speaking, not everyone is honest.
Currently, people cheat quite easily in Long Challenges. Whatsapp will make the process faster and might facilitate cheating in cook-offs and lunchtime also.

Just assume that you’re offline for a bit, and haven’t checked whatsapp (Long challenge is for 10 days, so quite possible). If someone cheats, you may kick them out or something, but if he or she has already got the hints, what then?

I am not very sure of this idea of yours. Though the motive is extraordinarily helpful by providing better resources to people who don’t have access but want to learn, but you have yet not convinced me how exactly you might disallow cheating. And say you add everyone to a whatsapp group, then even if they follow the rules of that group, they can still always discuss on personal chat


I implore you to rethink the various possibilities that may occur due to all this
I am not saying you’re wrong or anything. In fact, the plan sounds amazing. I am just a little worried by the fact that not everyone may use this opportunity the way they should.

Kindly consider my dilemma.

[EDIT]: Why shall it not be possible to discuss here itself? the very purpose of the community is what your plan is about…

May I request @admin that there may be a function to create groups in this community on this page itself? @admin shall be a permanent member of each such group to check for any forms of possible cheating (no sharing of phone numbers, gmail, etc…) and allow a more specific, narrowed and personalized community for everyone. Kindly take my idea into consideration


If he wants to create a group, let him. The people who don’t use the opportunity the way one should is their loss

This Tier 1,2,3 is stupid tbh, in CSE at least. everyone studies through net, irrespective of “tiers”


their loss on long-term knowledge, yes.
Their gain on short-term less-relevant ratings, definitely
If high level coders or even let’s say, college coders who have been doing this stuff for years, cheat, then its highly demotivating for beginners like me (I started 20-25 days ago. I am in grade 11, and just started learning Computers)

So, what say?


depends on accessibility, but yeah totally


Yup tier of college comes in play when we are talking about environment and companies visiting, rest is most of them go online only at least my friends rely mostly on online resources . True for CSE.


If this is demotivating for you
a) You can spend your energy to stop everyone from cheating etc
b) Mind your own business and improve yourself


Yes, it’s definitely going to help students .Moreover to offer different perception towards a problem will be going to improve problem solving skills.

Well, i don’t want to sound rude but actually these kind of things propagates cheating. Maybe in whatsapp group the like minded people can PM each other and discuss the problems. I also joined a whatsapp group for CP but turned out that half of the people were discussing the solution of live challenges.

I agree we can not prevent people from cheating but at the same time, we already have codechef, codeforces discussion forums, youtube tutorials for problems and other tons of online resources available. If someone is willing to improve him/herself i don’t think he/she is waiting for another group to be formed.


i know that, bruv.
You can never eradicate cheating. But you CAN stop someone from making a platform that may facilitate cheating


exactly what i have been shouting out since the very beginning!!


I would say yes to the group but I also want to be sure that if someone tries to cheat there. You have to either remove that person or have to just ban that group.

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This is a great idea however i suggest you that please make a telegram group only so that it is accessible to as many participants
and please reply where you would be posting the link for the group