Confession for plagiarism

Well this should be a good lesson to learn for me… I just came to know about what actually plagiarism is and how codechef deal with this . I recently came to know from a discuss post that solutions of 6 long challenge problem are available on ideone which also that first time I came to know about it .
so I hereby confess that I used an ideone code for this problem(too hard for a beginner to get done ) (got 20 points)
Please also have a look at my earlier post regarding this ideone thing …
Hopefully this gets solved in near future
Also I am ready for any punishment for the same as to be honest I didn’t realize that doing this can result in such things …
Again I would say that make sure that ideone thing to be private should be said at top of the problems as many people ignore it as it is in the end of the question …

Please tag any admin if you know … I am not really into the community … it’s been like only 3-4 months only by far now … thanks :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


good to see you realised your mistake and confessed it ,really aprreciated it . you will do great from now onwards.


Yeah I have never ever done that before any in contest … and wouldnt have done it here too if had not seen that post regarding 6 available solutions :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Were u caught doing this or self confessing it? I saw your yesterday’s post, where u asking admin to put it on top, yet choosing to go wrong way? kinda strange.

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Self confessions bro … I also mentioned In that post that by human nature it is evident that once you know that there are solutions available for a problem which can fetch you marks … you anyhow gonna intend to try to look for it …

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okk okk, anyway, kudos to come up with confession. True, it’s normal human behavior, good luck for future contests.

I really appreciate your honesty!! :slight_smile:
I get the idea that once you know there is a way to get a solution, somehow an urge develops, it’s human. You have to learn to quell that and understand why you take part in the first place , to learn, to grow, to enjoy because you love coding and no matter how hard it gets, you’ll keep at it slow and steady with your head held high.
That’s why my profile picture is Rock Lee from Naruto , sometimes it’ll get too hard, sometimes there’ll be people wayy better than you, more talented but
“Hardwork beats talent”
Idk I ranted a lot but it reminded me of Rock Lee’s fight with Gaara, first time I went full emo xD

You’ll do well man. It takes courage to admit that you messed up.

As for admin : @vijju123


Yeah bro the only reason I wanted to post this as I don’t want me to involve myself in this shit anymore in the near future … so this will be a reminder for me to not to do this again ever :sunglasses::pray:


Bhai ye codechef pe kya ho rha hai ? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(You could just mail them , sabko kyu batana ? )


Well, admitting is better than getting caught ig. At least he won’t have a orange-green combination of rating across various websites in future.

I want to know that ideone recent codes feature is used for which purpose except plagiarism. Just curious.

Yeh reason h bro

What’s that orange green combo?

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I think feature of recent submissions cant be use anywhere except plagarism , they should change this if it is aĺlowing people to cheat.

It means being orange on one platform, and being green on another because one gives almost 2 weeks time to think and come up with a solution, and other one barely 2 hours.

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Yes bro !!

We appreciate the honesty

How does codechef keep a track of people who write blog posts etc about ongoing contests? What if the person does so anonymously?

there’s no better contrast

I fall into this exact category and I do not like it.