Confirmation of dates regarding ICPC

Please assure final dates of online round for ICPC 2019-2020 for final confirmation of tickets for Diwali and other prior appointments as we are not able to plan our ways and our meetings in future Please confirm it as soon as possible.


Admins please respond to our queries…

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When there is around 1 month is remaining for the online round of ACM ICPC and the date is not finalized yet :slight_smile:


The most frequent contributors and persons related to codechef as administrators please respond on the query of thousands of coders
As soon as possible we are waiting for codechef’s final and direct answer the exact date of online round

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Hi all,

The discussions around finalizing the dates are on going. They will be announced as soon as finalized.
Secondly, we confirm that there will only be one common online round for all the 4 Indian regionals.

Hope this helps.

Team CodeChef


When the dates will be announced for ICPC online round finally please respond we have to plan many works for the upcoming month at a prior time So please announce the final ICPC dates and please keep it at a distance from Diwali festival.

The date of online contest is 18th October 2019…check

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Thanks brother You removed my confusion

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