CookOff rated then why Lunchtime unrated

I started 2021 with a thought to appear in all the contests conducted on codechef and codeforces.

So for the first time I appeared in the Cook-off, The contest was so demotivating and depressing as nothing was working properly. I thought that the contest will go unrated so I left the contest in between. The next day I got to know that It was made rated. My rating went down like anything.

LunchTime: This contest was not a problem for anyone. I was able to solve 4 questions. I thought my rating will increase but this contest is being made unrated. I know the queue was piling up… But that didnt matter so much. By the time the submission got the verdict everyone must have worked on some other question as well.

Now What do you think @admin Should I continue giving the contests on CodeChef or not?

My point is simple: If you made Jan CookOff rated then why are you making Lunchtime unrated??

I request everyone to vote here: Should January Lunchtime be Rated?


Please make it rated. I did 4 out of 6 problems and I am only 6 points away to become a 4 star. Please please please make it rated.


Yes , this is unfair and highly demotivating. I solved 4 questions and 2 questions partially and I am 3 points away from becoming 3 star. Just imagine how demotivating it is for me. The problem was faced by everyone equally so I think there wont be anything unfair in making the Lunchtime rated.


Yes, I absolutely agree, The cook-off had more problems than lunchtime, To be honest, lunchtime went smoothly and there was no problem while submitted codes. It was shocking to see that the contest became unrated. The same thing happened last month too.


I can feel your condition. My graph was going great, but the cook-off changed everything. I couldn’t submit even single problem in cook-off due to server error. And my rank went down to 2 from 3. Then came the lunchtime, I solved the first 4 questions within first 30 min. So good it was going. Then came the server error. Still I could manage to submit the 5th question. I expected great increment in rank. And then came the big reveal, it’s Unrated!!
It’s an absolute disappointment.


@admin please make it rated.


I want it to be rated as well i solved 5 question!
i want to see some results for my effort!


Beacuse of their servers issues I was unable to submit the cook off problems and hence I got my rank deducted due to cook off , hence I did not attempted the lunchtime.It was shocking to know that lunchtime bacame unrated and not cook off they must make cook off also unrated , that was a big problem than lunchtime.
I Request codechef to please make cook off also unrated

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Yes , Codechef must make it Rated

This is unrated? Why? I was so happy last night!!! Make it rated! There was another contest in previous to last night’s, it too had server issue and we couldn’t submit for 45 min! Why it was rated and this is unrated?