CP Addict - CodeChef Feb Div 2 Long Challenge

I will use this thread to post video editorials about the long challenges, once the contest is over.

Video for NOCHANGE (HINDI) (Recorded while solving, but could not add due to editing)

Premiere Link for CHEFRAIL (To be live after contest gets over)

Premiere Link for EXPCH (To be live after contest gets over)

Every beginner must start with long challenges for a tremendous growth.

Update : Added an introduction to the contest.

(Please do not discuss strategies until the contest is not over)


I wish i will be addicted like u


This addiction is good up until some point and has some disadvantage after that.

Over Addiction on the other hand is really good in most cases.

I am over addicted to codechef long challenge.Currently my exam are going but then also I’m doing CP and participating in long challenge.


The exams can be tackled very easily,not a big deal.The main thing is you have something effective to do whenever u are free and am sure every engineering student has lot of free time.

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Exams are important xD
So is your passion :slight_smile:
I’ve been guilty of doing long during my university exams previously tho :joy:
Just balance it out , you can do the next long.
Rather peacefully tackle one at a time or try to keep it perfectly balanced like Thanos!


Long Challenges are the best nasha…

I miss my college days, when I did not care about exams. When college is over, unfortunately exams are replaced by deadlines.

You can manage long and exams together, but with deadlines it becomes a lot difficult. So Enjoy and participate in each long till you can.


Okay bro :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Premiere link for EXPCH added…

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Subscribed to your channel. Hopefully you don’t cover only the basics like 1000’s of other channels. What some of us(2*/3* folks) need, is how to tackle the 6th/7th/8th question in the long challenge and how do experienced CP people think about the solution? Also, how to use the time and space constraints to figure out the ideal complexity of a problem?


Same here. Exams Starting tomorrow, first is computer architecture and I am doing codechef long.

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I am a student but can understand your stand.
Exams are really not on my priority always.

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6/7/8 problem in Div 2 are not that hard, i mean they are the starters for div 1. The last problems of div 1 are the real challenges😱


Even this trend of people in Div-2 showing /publicizing their score(which is not even final) of ongoing long contest in Discuss is very weird, kind of feels awkward to be honest.
@vijju123/admin should see. This is happening at multiple places now.


@cpaddict I looked at your first video, you mentioned that you are among top 100 coders from india? So i can figure out this much that this is your secondary account.

I’m just curious that are you this “Himanshu” , i could find only one person named Himanshu in 100 Coders from IN, so i thought maybe you are @hitman623 ?

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Then why is he not using his original identity?(as he is a top-100-coder of India). Weird flex.

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afaik that guy is still in college and going to ICPC WF


Yeah, that’s @hitman623 (Big Ups! :smiley:) That guy is red on both CF and CC, it makes sense


You meant this right?

Even I want to know his original identity(& why is he not sharing it) , so I can follow him :slight_smile:

Side-Note:- @hitman623 is beast :slight_smile:


Okay so hang on

this doesn’t make sense then.