Regarding prizes of external contests

Respected @admin,
Nowadays most of the external contests prizes are just fake, I haven’t received prizes for like 4-5(probably more) contests yet.

Please look into the matter, and take necessary actions.
I tried contacting the organizers but it is totally useless, they either
don’t reply or give stupid reasons.

I also tried contacting, but they also didn’t do anything.

I would request CodeChef to at least verify the institutes and the legitimacy of the prizes.
Maybe taking some deposit from the institute and giving it back once they fulfilled what they claimed.


I wonder , do institutes do not think of their reputation , when they provide such false information on rewards.


This is unfortunate, but us getting involved in taking financial guarantees for all contests doesn’t look feasible given our limited resources. But at the very least, for rated contests this should definitely not happen, and we’ll ensure that.
We will also look into all the cases and see what can be done. UEM for example has already been banned from conducting any programming contests on our platform for a year.

Please send an email to with all the correspondence that you have had with the organizers of each of these contests.

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