Does Codechef rating has any significance left?

Is it worth to spend 10 quality days on long challenge when it is evident that cheating is going on in long challenge :frowning:

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If you want to learn something, you can surely invest your time without caring about cheating , ratings and all.

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Please read blog Alternate Timeline on codeforces. Actually I recommend this blog to all those who have fear of losing ratings.


Definitely not!
Go see a web series instead.


Actually people watch web series on 9 days and on the last day they submit all the answer in the last hour,btw which web series you are currently watching :joy: :joy: :joy:


I am revising Narcos


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See the latest update. Admin need to take some steps now. I have blurred the channel name

Why are you tagging galencolin unnecessarily?

is it okay now, or something else needs to be removed ?

Sorry if that sounded rude to you :sweat_smile:

I want to ask you a single question that you are solving problems for yourself or for codechef?
See you can’t stop anyone from cheating nor codechef can stop them but there are few people or say newcomers who can’t solve 5- 10 question in 3 hours. They need more time to think, to learn and definitely in 10 days they are having enough time to think or take the problem as a challenge to solve it and i will appreciate codechef that they are doing a good job.

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wait what the hell is going on. There are users who are posting solution for ongoing contest and people are still reporting my comments.

Since, no productive discussion is going on here, can anyone please anwer my query. :sweat_smile:

Yeah… who is flagging these, and why is it even auto-hiding the posts?

@galencolin How do you “unthink” problems?
Like you have a logic to some question but it clearly is not working. While there is no way for you to know this but your brain is deadset on that logic and can’t think of any other approaches. How do you overcome this?

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Force yourself to have a context switch: either completely take a break from the problem or start thinking about a different one for a couple minutes. Then come back to the old problem with a “refreshed mind”.


Thanks a lot. I’ll try that out.

It would be much easier if you write down brute force solution and try to get a counter testcase.

The basic problem with people like you is that you justify cheating by saying you are coding for your own benefits.If that was the only point then at the first place people with this mindset should not take part in contest rather just keep solving practice question.If you are taking part in a contest that should at least have some credibility.