Editorials for CodeChef's monthly contests



I am a big fan of the questions on CodeChef but would like to request the organisers or administrators of these monthly (long challenge, cookoff, lunch time) contests to please provide OFFICIAL editorials as soon as the contest ends. This is for we, who have spent hours and days trying to solve the given problems require full satisfaction to our eagerness for those problems who remained out of our grip. I heavily appreciate the coders who provide the UNOFFICIAL editorials but many times, designated people who write the official ones are better at explaining the solutions :slight_smile: Now when official editorials are so delayed then “out of sight…out of mind” happens and those particular problems remain unsolved in our cognitive minds :frowning:

@admin : please provide official editorial links at respective problem description pages


yes,Rightly Said


Codeforces is way better in this context.


Does any one cares about it now from codechef team. Before throwing a contest, please prepare the editorial.


out of sight...out of mind

This quote seems familiar…:confused:


East or west, Codeforces is best.


However, we have to agree that codeforces editorials for tough problems are hard to understand,while codechef editorials for tough problems have detailed explanations.


I think other than, late editorials, unbalanced problem sets, long submission queues in lunchtime, removal of challenge problems from long challenge.
Codechef is doing great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Codechef is doomed they just care about ICPC


Does any one cares about it now from codechef team. Before throwing a contest, please prepare the editorial.

You dont yet know how the contests are created- its not always possible and feasible given last moment problem rejections/replacements are common.

Codechef is doomed they just care about ICPC

I disagree. I am perfectly fine with contests being a bit less than perfect in December if codechef is using that time to make sure ICPC goes fine. (Now, whether some mistakes still happen or not is a different story.)


I agree with consistent unbalanced problem set. Thats a real problem. Rest of your points dont make sense.


Still waiting…


seems like it would take an year to change for them to publish editorials xD


Hmm, that way it will work as New Year gifts for coders to. Chef has marketing strategies I guess :confused:


I disagree. A contest should not be held if its quality cannot be ensured. We all know the issues that cropped up in ICPC problemset too. I feel it’s better if CodeChef does one task properly instead of multiple things poorly.


Its not like they can stop normal working just for ICPC as well, so I dont know what they can do.