Extremely unbalanced COOK OFF

Does codechef really wants to decrease ratings? Div 2 1st problem has more than 2k+ submissions. Was quite an easy question. What about question 2,3 (leaving the others). Less than 100 submissions and for 3rd less than 60. It is a balanced contest? Atleast 500 should solve the 2nd question. I think problem setters should see to it asap.


Those were easy problems btw, it’s a weird thing that many of Div 2 people could not solve them.


Can you please tell me step by step approach of XORIT in lucid manner? Tried that question for an hour but couldn’t make it.
What I know is if the number N is a power of 2 then B= -1, if N is odd (N%2==1) B= N-1(always),
if N= 6, 10, 14, 18, 22… B= N-2, if N= 12, 20, 28, 36… B= N-4(always)
However there is no implementation from here!
I’d be really grateful if you can share your approach of what made you say that XORIT was an “easy problem”. Thanks.

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yes,codechef just gave so much rating for people even if they didnt do so well in previous contests…hence making community more weaker…but still people will get raise even if they don’t solve much…thats the irony

Stop this unnecessary rant dude. What’s up with you downplaying others anyway? You had made a similar inquiry month back: Why codechef ratings are so easy
and got the answer for it. Just because you did well in this cook-off doesn’t mean that you go around in every comment section and spew this rhetoric onslaught every here and there.


i dont want to insult or demotivate anyone…
i am just trying to expose the reality so that codechef changes and the community gets better …i wish someone with higher rating complain about these cookoffs…but i hope to see a change in cookoffs and rating system

Actually, the first step was to realise that B would be N with the least significant set bit as 0, and for powers of two, since B turns out to be 0, we have B = -1. Next you should realise that it is impossible to loop from L to R to find the highest power of two which divides the number. Think what you can do :slight_smile:

Yes . Its obvious and i’m not surprised at all . There are several unbalanced contests in codechef and this is another one . That’s it :grin:


Exactly, that was really unbalanced one.After solving 1st question in less than 10 minutes i got stuck in 2nd and 3rd questions for 3 hours but unable to solve them.:cry:


bro I saw your codechef profile, you improved very well when compared to September long challenge, can I know what and where did you practice in between September to December to do well in coding
Thanks in Advance

Don’t worry bro. Similar situation here. And I think there will be many like us as this time contest was actually an unbalanced one.

Long answer short, I have recently completed Data Structures and Algos course in my college XD
The longer answer is that what I earlier thought was that I can do everything without having notebooks and stuff, but only recently did I realise that those are necessary. Also, I am doing a lot of practice these days, so that might have been a thing. For any more specific queries I am happy to help :’)

where are you doing the practice questions(website)?

I would recommend codeforces