Why codechef ratings are so easy

Why codechef ratings are so easy

If they are “so easy” why are you still stuck at 1* ?


i am grayy in cf i am shuffling between green and gray
i will soon change my color there and i will change here also

sure you will…


Bro, become 3 star, you will get the answer why codechef 3 star is “so easy”.
Then become 4 star, you will get the answer why codechef 4 star is “so easy”.


Like me, many people use codechef as their primary platform. So it’s obvious that some people have higher ratings in codechef. I joined codeforces recently and have only participated in 2-3 competitions.

I’m curious. Whose ratings were increased even though they did not solve any problem ? Because if I remember correctly, I couldn’t solve a single question in March Long, and thus I was demoted to 1 star.

Well :face_with_monocle: … Like everyone, you started at 2 stars. But you participated in 10 competitions and were demoted to 1 star because you couldn’t perform in most of them. If codechef ratings were so “easy”, shouldn’t you be like 4 stars or something ?


i am 4* I say they are easy ….
but this is a place to discuss problems
and not abt all these
hope someone closes this thread


ratings at codechef have become so easy
i know so many 3* and 4* who are gray in codeforces

Try to become. They are not EASY. Check my profile if you think they are EASY.

also codechef these days providing free ratings

Proof? How is the Codechef user getting free ratings any how. If you are talking about the start, then Codeforces has a start from 1500.

i dont know in what world people get a raise in their
rating even if they dont solve any problem

Proof? No proof, no statements please.

people can reach 1700 from 1600 just by spending 3-4 minutes
in cookoff

Try doing that when you reach 1600. It basically means solving 3 problems in 3 minutes, which practically speaking is impossible.

i am gray in codeforces
and i will be gray here too

So how has rating in Codechef become so easy? It means its the same as Codeforces. And if you think that Codeforces have a better rating system, Codechef has an equal one. Thus, it contradicts your topic.


I will say it is partially true. It is easier to gain rating on codechef because of long challenge. It is entirely different game you can spend more time ,read from different resources , so if you can give time you can gain more rating and you will definitely learn in the way. Codeforces is all about short challenge where you need to know things beforehand and your fast thinking and coding plays a role. So I will say long challenge in codechef is the reason behind all the difference. But there are a lot of platforms with short challenge and only one with long challenge and I love it. (Don’t tell about hackerearth long challenge their questions quality sucks)


I would say because of mainly number of competitors.

Yes , but that’s how it works . If it seems easy for you set an aim like 5* and go for it and it would be nice if codechef increases the rating range for going into division 1 . This will make lot of people to participate in contests and in result the rating mechanism will become hard and genuine.


I agree with the point that div1 rating threshold should be higher. It will increase the number of people in div 2 thus making it harder and genuine to reach div1


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If you mean Codechef ratings are so easy for you, Participate. Become 7*. Beat gennady.
If you mean Codechef ratings are so easy everyone, as rating is a comparative measure. If it is easy for everyone, it is not easy at all.


Just because I have a higher rating in codechef than codeforces, it proves codechef rating easier than codeforces? [ It might be easy, might be hard. Cannot be decided upon by my rating]

Then by your logic, gennady’s codeforces rating, 3544. codechef rating 3488. Hence, codechef is harder than codeforces.


P.S: I am glad to know someone’s stalking my profile.

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Bro, understand two things:-
*first, long contests — in this, you require knowledge and practice, and doesn’t have much to do with speed, knowledge and practice stuff can be mastered soon, if you are putting a large number of hours daily and lots of hardwork, persistence, determination, which I did, so I am 5 star here
*second, short contests — in this along with knowledge and practice, you should have the “speed and accuracy thing”, but that thing simply can’t be compensated with more hours per day, (if you do that, you are self-sabotaging yourself and will rather work opposite), so this simply takes days, months, years, regardless of whatever escalated effort you put in per day.

I have just started cp in June/July 2019 and a totally beginner, and in such short span, as explained above, I could do well in long(due to escalated efforts per day), and for short, I need more time.

And moreover don’t judge by simply 1 contest!

And regarding codechef ratings easy, do u think its easy,
See easy or hard is relative, and depends on effort a person has put in or some innate talent or instinct one has.

For my case, I struggled to solve even two question in Codechef Long,that too in Div. 2.
I used to think, how the hell I DO this, and I see people solving 4,5 question.

It was not at all easy for me that time, it was a dream for me to solve 2 questions.
I used to spend all 10 days, struggling with one or two questions, and used to think what the heck.

But I put in work, persisted and persisting, hard work is an amazing thing, you never know what it can make you.

And I was totally surprised when I raised my calibre that I could solve, 5,6 questions, nothing but result of hardwork!


Only the one who goes through it, knows what it takes. I don’t know about others, how easy it has been for them. But for me it was not cakewalk! It took a lot of effort even for this much result!!!

There is not a single person around me, from whom I can even take a hint!

And even online, If there is some coder, I never approached them, I don’t feel that’s right!

For that 10 days, its a game of your own efforts!!

If some people gain ratings by wrong means(or, exception they are innately good at it), then surely they will not value it and say ha! I have achieved it, its very easy…

So, bro, if you are following Sandeep Maheshwari and that way take it as “Aaasan hai”, then good to go with mindset but effort has to be put in.

And last thing, related to codeforces, just keep observing!

And one more thing, related to short contest,
Warren Buffett Quote: “ No matter how great the talent or efforts , some things just take time . You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant .”

And I thought, you are asking an honest question, but as I write this answer, I am observing you are just behaving like a troll, mocking others profiles, and you don’t deserve time and attention of us(serious, passionate coders)! But anyway, I put this reply, in hope you do something more meaningful in your life!

@admin @vijju123 You can close this thread now for the good of community!


It is just because some people like @babangain and @aryan12(which is me) use Codechef as a primary coding platform and codeforces as a secondary one. (Though I am cyan in Codeforces).


Criticizing the rating system and suggesting improvements is absolutely welcome. As is providing evidence for the same. But not in the mocking and personally attacking way that has been done here. Thread closed and user suspended.