Feature in codechef- set

Can someone tell about set feature in codechef. I have noticed it today.


You can add friends in a set and filter ranklist of any contest according to it. It’s just like codeforces friends feature with option to create more than one friendlist. :slight_smile:


As @dushsingh1995 described set feature basically allows you to compare ratings and rankings. You can add your friends and compare your ranks and ratings.

The main advantage of the set feature is to have a regular update about how your friends and peers are doing in the site. Also, it gives you the ability to search a person if just know his Institution and don’t know his handle.

Where I find set feature of codechef I never noticed.


alt text

Click on the red box to create new set. After creating set, open ranklist of any contest. Instead of Institution, select set and then select your set name.


Thank you everyone. This feature is interesting. Thumbs up team codechef.

Even I had no idea about it. I thought it was for some question set/Favourite questions for practice :/. Thanks for telling. :slight_smile:

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Go to your profile page, you can find it at right up corner of your profile information beside your name. Refer to @dushsingh1995 's anwswer.