Feature request-unofficial participation

one feature that should be added in codechef is that before the contest starts there should be a option to register for unrated participation.

If someone wants to participate casually then they can.

note:the option of unrated participation needs to be selected before the start of the contest when nobody has seen the problems and unrated participation can’t be changed to rated during the contest.

This would decrease the number of fake accounts drastically.

example when this feature is helpful-let the person be A.A can participate only one day in long as he is busy but worrying about rating he doesn’t participate in the contest or make a fake account to participate

@admin @vijju123

Have u ever tried creating a Team, and submitting during the contest with Team ID.
It’s counted as an unofficial submission, and u can make as many Teams as u want, with just one member. Although not 100% sure, if u can submit with it during a contest, probably we can, as I’ve seen it done before.