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Hello @admin ,
Most of us write codes in a local machine, test/debug them against sample test cases and then submit the solution. It is a bit difficult to copy sample test cases from the problem page. People who use laptops without external mouse connected face a lot more issues probably. Can we have the feature that is available on Codeforces - copy on click, on Codechef?

Copy feature

@cubefreak777 , @akshitm16 may share your thoughts on this.


This extension does the exact same thing but it’s not perfect and has a lot of downsides.
But of course, I do agree that nothing can be more pleasing than a image, once you’re transitioning to the testing phase after coding.

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Yeah i completely agree… that would be really nice

Hi, yes, this is in our plans. We are currently working on a deeper architectural change, after which this should be a natural change. We however don’t have a clear timeline and it will take at least a few more months before we can get to this.


Is UI also changing or only the backend part?

Does that even include “Faster Plagiarism Checks”?


Made my day.


I can’t see it :disappointed_relieved:

CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone Seems like it’s been implemented for upcoming contests from now on.


That’s cool. I thought the chef would reveal all the updates at once. They’re doing it one by one. It looks like even the campus webpage is no longer in use - they’ve created another, easier webpage for managing problems.

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