Find teammates for Google HashCode 2020 [General Thread]

I’m from Mumbai. If y’all already have a team I would love to join if there is place.


i haven’t participated yet , if you want we can form up team , i don’t have much deep knowledge i am improving day by day :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, sounds great. Here’s the link :

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Okay it’s done! Message me your WhatsApp number on CodeForces so we can contact.

i also want to join.

okay bro …give your codeforces profile

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I have also joined the team. Can i get your codeforces name.


Click here

Click the link and join. Then contact me on CodeForces.

I have team only 1 place is remaining if any one want to join, then reply!

I didn’t participate in HashCode before. Is it necessary to create team consisting of people from the same college or city?

I dont have a team is anyone having one spot empty then do reply…

reply if you are intrested or not


how to join your team?

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if you want join my team reply th message i will send you link!

OK,but I can’t register Google account…

@loopfree , it’s been a long time since I’ve seen ya on discuss xD
The last time I remember was your CIRCMERGE solution!


i need team :slight_smile:

I have been preparing for the postgraduate exam, but now I am free < :